Games I have been playing

So, I’ve been playing a crazy amount of Final Fantasy XIV.  Enough that I haven’t had much to really talk about on this blog on the topic of games, because I’ve been mostly just doing the grinding elements of the end game to get geared up.  I am now geared up.

Pictured: Me geared up

I’ve been playing this game for a solid two weeks, and I’ve still got content to work through, but between Hunts and Roulettes it’s felt kinda grindy.  I’ll probably dial down my play over the next week just in time for me to have my life consumed by Destiny.  That said, in an attempt to get some other games in, I purchased last weeks Humble Bundle and started to play through some of those games.

Ready, Fight

One Finger Death Punch was the game in the bundle I was the most interested in.  It looked very pretty, and is ultimately a pattern matching game.  I like the rhythm games it shares it’s DNA with so I tried it out.

That’s a video of me completing on of the standard levels.  All I do is press X or B on my controller when an enemy or object is in my reach.  This actually has more game to it than you might realize as some mobs will dodge attacks and require specific patterns to fight, and some weapons work in different ways.  In the middle you will see me kicking a ball at enemies that instakills them and keeps coming back so long as my timing is good.

It’s a great game and makes for a hell of a spectacle.

Enemy Mind

I loaded this game up and played through the first level.  It feels like an old arcade style shooter, but with the gimmick of constantly changing your ship for an enemies.

Tyrian is the only one of this genre I ever really got into, and enemy mind doesn’t really sway me either.  I had some fun, but the short duration I could keep any given ship meant I kept ending up back in ships I didn’t want.  I’ll give it another try, but this one didn’t work for me on my initial playthrough.

Home stretch

One more day of Blaugust to go.  I’ll probably post some sort of wrap-up on this whole thing tomorrow.  Thanks for reading throughout this month, and once again, check out the Nook for related posts.

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