Quiet Day

I’ve been trying to think of something at all interesting to write about and I’m not coming up with much of anything, so I will begin writing things and see how it goes.  Today was devoted primarily to a half-birthday party for some good friends’ 6-month old daughter, and dinner with my parents.

A half-birthday party is not a thing I would have ever thought of, but apparently it’s become a thing?  Obviously the baby’s not going to remember it, so it’s mostly just an excuse for a party.  This one was our standard circle of friends getting together, but this time there was cake.  The baby was the center of attention, but really that’s pretty normal in any case.  She’s remarkably adorable.

Once we got home from all of this, we intended to relax a bit.  Instead, in the process of taking out the trash, a glass spaghetti sauce jar was dropped and shattered.  Tiny glass pieces scattered all over.  Thankfully it was empty and had been rinsed out.  But still, picking up glass, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor took quite a while.  Hopefully we got it all.

Apart from that, I was able to log into FFXIV for a bit.  I advanced the story slightly and am now 36 in my primary class (bard).  Mostly I worked on filling today’s supply orders since they’re good for a nice chunk of crafting experience.

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Quiet Day

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