So much new to do in Final Fantasy XIV.  I did end up creating a new character to try and get my bearings again.  It worked pretty well, in fact; I played that character to level 10 as a conjurer then switched back to my main from the first time around, Thalen Fireheart.  I had reached level 34 as a bard previously, and was ready to face Titan.

It turned out one of the other recent returnees was at the exact same point, so we got two of our higher level players to tank and heal for us and knocked that out.  It actually ended up being extremely easy.  Apart from that I’ve mostly spent today running around picking up and completing the various quests connected to housing, the new challenge and sightseeing logs, and new dances.  Also some crafting to turn in today’s resource and supply requests.

So far I’m really enjoying it.  I really like the art style and the feel of play.  Of course I enjoyed it for the time that I played it last time, but that wasn’t enough to keep me in after the first month.  I think part of the problem then, however, is that I had just left WoW.  I don’t think I was ready to pick up any new MMO; I still needed a break to just recharge and be away from the genre in general.  Life was also pretty hectic and a bit stressful at the time, so that didn’t help any either.

We’ll see if I end up sticking with it this time.  Could be fun.  I would like to get to level 50 and see some of the endgame.

Source: Thalen Speaks

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