I’m Back

I didn’t specifically intend to take a break the last few days, but it turned out I kind of needed one.  I think going forward I may try for a weekday posting schedule.  We’ll see if that gives me sufficient time to recharge the idea tank from week to week.

The past few days have mostly been spent in Final Fantasy XIV, trying to get caught up with the rest of my Free Company.  I made it to level 50 in the bard job on Sunday, and have already upgraded most of my bard equipment to item level 90 gear with currency from daily and weekly hunts.  I’m at the second 8-man quest in the final bit of the storyline.  Another player in the company also hit 50 today, so I think we may try to do those quests as a company tomorrow.  We’ll see if that works out.  Tonight the rest of the company was busy running the Bahamut’s Coil raid for the first time, so I busied myself doing my crafting dailies and today’s hunts.

When I wasn’t playing FFXIV this weekend, I was reading through the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Player’s Handbook.  I’m going to be playing in a campaign with some friends from college to give it try.  Mostly it’s a bunch of the same people who participated in my first 3rd ed game back when that system was brand new.  Most of us are in the same area, but one’s in Shreveport and another’s way up in Delaware, so we’ll be using Roll20 or something like it to handle things.  Between the system looking really solid and the people I’ll be playing with, I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m betting I’ll get some amazing stories out of it too.

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I’m Back

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