On Annoying Platformer Controls

So this weekend I finished up re-playing Assassins Creed Black Flag and decided I didn’t really feel like going for 100% completion a second time. So that left me trying to figure out what to play in order to keep myself busy. I have several console games that I could play through, and a pretty size-able Steam backlog of games. Not to mention the various MMO’s I can play, or want to get back in to.

I ended up trying the MMO’s first, WoW followed up by some Archeage. Wasn’t really feeling it with either of those. I feel like with the WoW expansion coming out in a couple weeks that I’d rather save all the new quests until the xp actually goes towards something. Archeage is just plain hard for me to get in to. I have a decently spec’d PC so I shouldn’t be having any issues with the game, but I seem to get a lot of lag. I’m not sure if this is graphical lag or server lag, I just haven’t felt like tweaking settings to find out.

I wound up settling on playing an game called Deadlight through Steam. This game is the windows version of an XBOX live game, which is fine as I have a XBOX 360 controller for my PC. The game itself was not bad, I had some issues with the sound going out during some cutscenes but that isn’t a big deal. The story was ok, and obviously it was a short game. I think I beat the entire game in around 3-4 hours.

My problem with the game ended up being something that I tend to run in to with all 2D platformer games; the controls. Unfortunately I wasn’t recording when this happened, but there is a sequence in the game where you are being chased by a helicopter that is shooting at you. Your goal is to stay ahead of said bullets until you reach the end of that stage. The problem is at a couple of points your character has to climb over some wire fences.

This involves jumping in to the thing, climbing it, pressing the button to climb over and then pressing the button again to jump off. That doesn’t sound complicated at all, but if you have the joystick moved in any direction while you are climbing you jump. So if you happen to be pressing up to climb and don’t let go of the joystick you will wind up jumping right in to the path of the bullets. Let’s just say this sequence took a lot longer to complete than it really should have.

Very few things make me swear at a game. One of those just happens to be controls that are unnecessarily frustrating. I was swearing at this game for a solid 30 minutes last night. I’m really sure my downstairs neighbors appreciated that.

Other than that it was a good game. I’m probably going to try out the Nightmare mode to get the alternate ending, even if I can just get on youtube to watch it. I’m not sure what the difference is, maybe just less checkpoints. I just have to keep myself busy until the 11th when the new Assassins Creed games come out. Then I’m gone for a week on vacation.

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On Annoying Platformer Controls

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