On Lego Marvel Superheroes

So, this game came out in 2013 so I’m a bit behind in getting around to it. I only got it at Christmas and just now playing it. (Bad segway here, I typed this last).

For the last week I’ve been playing Lego Marvel Superheroes on the PS4, and I have to say I am thoroughly surprised at the amount of content in it. I’ve played several of the previous Lego brand games. Not all of them, but a few. For the most part I’ve found them all enjoyable and there is always a lot of stuff to collect.

The story mode is what most people might consider brief, I’m not sure how long I spent but according to HowLongToBeat.com the average time for the main story is around 11.5 hours. I’ve played “serious” titles that were over faster (ie Murdered Soul Suspect). To do everything that the game has, collectibles and such, the average time is 37 hours. That is a lot of time for a Lego game.

The story, as I said, is brief and basically revolves around the Marvel superheroes trying to stop Doctor Doom from using cosmic bricks from Silver Surfers broken surfboard to make a doomsday device (not sorry). The story is well paced, and provided simple humor. I got a good laugh at the cheesy dialogue. It was nice to play a game that wasn’t serious and didn’t take itself seriously. The writers obviously got to have fun with it and in my opinion it worked.

What makes the game worth the money is all the stuff there is to do outside of the main story mission. Most notably collecting characters to use during Free Play mode. According to IGN there is 155 characters to collect (not including dlc). Most people might not want to spend the time collecting all the characters, which is understandable as for the most part they’re only there to collect. There are plenty of other things to collect, and if you’ve played any other Lego game it is the same setup.

Most collectibles require you to have a certain type of character to reach (Fire based, Webslinger, etc..). I think that you can get all the types by just playing through story mode, but you can unlock plenty of others. My personal goal is to unlock Deadpool but from what I’ve read he’s the most difficult to unlock as you have to put a lot of work in to it. To get every collectible you would have to play through every story mission at least twice and more if you miss something or have to go back for any reason.

What really got me on this though was the open world aspect of the game. Outside of story missions you have a small Lego version of New York to explore. It is surprisingly large in scope compared to other Lego games I’ve played. Even using a character with flight such as Iron Man it takes a couple minutes to go across the entire map. This is where you do most of the side activities such as collecting gold bricks and unlock characters.

My major issue with this game, and essentially every Lego game is that the controls kinda suck. Movement is fine, but combat is ridiculous. You basically are just mashing the attack button and hoping that you don’t die first. Dying really isn’t a big deal as the only penalty is you lose some of your score. It gets frustrating sometimes when you’re trying to do a very precise task and screw up because of the controls.

The other issue i have is that the camera will get you killed…Repeatedly. There were several levels where I died multiple times because the camera would shift at the wrong time. That frustrated me more than anything else. And with the subsequent swearing that happened I’m sure that my down stairs neighbor was having to cover her kids ears.

Overall though I like the game. I’m done with the main story and working on the collectibles.

I do need to get back to Dragon Age Inquisition though. I keep taking breaks from that game.

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On Lego Marvel Superheroes

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