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Quest for Airships

FF14-Airhship Since the detail was first teased during the Las Vegas Fan Festival, our guild has been focused on making sure we can get a Free Company airship.  The biggest concern however is that when Yoshi-P calls something “prohibitively expensive” it gives us serious pause.  This is the man that thought 6-30 million gil for housing was “reasonable”, so if something is prohibitively expensive…  what in the world could that be?  Over the weekend a Polygon article came out with some quotes from the man himself, and I talked a little bit about this yesterday.  Unless you did not have time to read the article, let me focus in on the part I am actually interested in.

“Once you have the workshop, you decide on what you want to make,” Yoshida says. “For example, if you’re going to build an airship, you go part by part. You start with the engine. Your free company teammates gather the materials necessary to build the engine. The crafters within the free company form a party, and then it’s a group effort to build the engine.”

Yoshida says the free company crafting system will grow and expand throughout content patches for the expansion — what he is calling the “3.X series of updates.” To create their ship, free companies will have to combine different engines, bodies and other parts. The ships will have different stats depending on the combinations made, leading to unique ships for different groups depending on their focus.

“Having as many options as possible is a good thing,” he says with a smile.

So our biggest concern with this statement is the fact that he says that you will need a party of free company crafters to complete some of these actions.  Now currently we have at least a “light” party worth of Omni crafters, meaning that they have every single profession to max level.  But since he doesn’t specify my concern is that it might require a “Full” party of eight crafters to do some of the things related to crafting airship bits.  If that is the case we are pretty screwed, because while some of our members have embraced the rabbit hole that is crafting, there are players like me that have completely avoided it.  I guess for me my reasoning was that I wanted to make sure I got my combat classes up and geared before diving too far into the crafting system.  That said I have WAR, PLD, DRG, BRD, and WHM all geared to ilvl 100 or better… so I guess I have done what I set out to do.

Hardcore Mining

ffxiv 2015-03-09 06-05-19-72 So this weekend I embarked upon the mission to finish leveling mining.  At the beginning of the weekend I was sitting around level 30, and last night before going to bed I had just hit 44.  My hope is that maybe I can finish leveling to 50 tonight before raid time.  Right now I am out in Coerthas doing mining leves, and the leveling is going fairly quickly.  My goal is to finish leveling mining and then start in on another Disciple of the Land class probably logging next.  My original plan was to level all of my harvesting classes to 50 before setting in and actually leveling crafting proper.  I thought this might make life a lot easier to funnel resources into the “making things” professions.  My goal is to be able to help the guild craft that airship, and while it is probably going to cots me several points of sanity…  I care that much about the end result.

Mining is pretty much pure tedium, in that it involves a lot of running around and clicking things repeatedly.  As such I opted to hang out downstairs on my laptop and catch up on various television options while I repeated the same process over and over.  Yesterday was all about watching the various episodes of Star Wars Rebels that I had missed.  I have to say that show is absolutely phenomenal, and if you are not watching it yet… I highly suggest you do so.  I am pretty happy with Disney’s leadership so far of the Star Wars brand.  That show is chock full of really interesting characters, and it gives this whole guerilla fighters against the empire feel which is excellent.  The danger of their situation is constant, and they managed to create an extremely insidious villain in the form of “The Inquisitor”.

Quietly Amazing

ffxiv 2015-03-09 06-00-21-64 This morning when I went to log in and take a screenshot of me in my awesome mining regalia, I was greeted by this screen.  Yup it looks like Cactuar was in fact full at 6 in the morning, and I am thinking this is pure insanity.  I know for some time Cactuar has been locked from the creation of new characters during prime time hours.  However I wonder if we are starting to reach that state of permanent lock status?  That is going to be horribly unfortunate for anyone wanting to join our Free Company and the great little community we have built there.  My hope is this is some sort of fluke, and they were doing maintenance on part of the servers in our cluster.  I know our Free Company and me specifically has been the cause of a bunch of recent transfer and new character creation activity on our server, and I don’t really see that as something that is going to change.  I love our folks, and they have been so amazingly helpful to the new people starting.

When someone asks for a dungeon, it seems like people stumble over themselves ready to help them out.  At one point earlier this weekend I was going to DPS one of these dungeons, until another member who was working on their first character said they could use it too.  I bowed out of the run to let the folks able to get experience that really matters get in on the fun.  That seems to be the Final Fantasy way, quietly and unassumingly… being awesome.  I mean at this point Final Fantasy is the second most popular MMORPG of all time… and it just kind of happened without folks really realizing it.  Having over four million active accounts is a pretty great feat in this world where supposedly Wildstar didn’t even sell a million boxes at launch.  Sure the expansion was pushed back a little further than I would have liked it, but I love the fact that there is content planned to cover that gap.  Now that I am embarking on the madness that is crafting, I am also admittedly looking forward  to having more time to work up crafters before the expansion hits.

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Hardcore Mining

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