On Revisiting Diablo 3


So for the last few weeks I have been playing through Diablo 3 again. This time on the console version for PS4 otherwise known as “Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition” which contains the core game plus the Reaper of Souls expansion.

I hadn’t really gotten in to the expansion on PC, though I did buy it. I had started up a crusader and was playing fresh from Act 1 but didn’t really get that far. Mainly because I’m easily distracted by other games and I’m sure some new shiny thing had just come out. I really only picked up the PS4 version because I was going on vacation to visit a friend and needed a co-op game to play while there.

The thing is, I think I enjoy the console version more than the PC version. The game lends itself well to a controller scheme, at least on the PS4. I’m assuming the controls are just fine on the XBox, but I don’t own one so I can’t know that. Graphically the game is the same, the only differences are really in the controls. Instead of having your mouse buttons being your primary and secondary attacks, and the other skills on the number keys everything is assigned to one of the buttons on the controller.

I remember the PC controls as feeling a bit awkward because of how you moved and attacked. Using a controller feels much more intuitive to me. All the attack buttons are on one hand and you use the joystick to move. It might just be me, but I just find easier controls to make a huge difference in how much I enjoy any game. I really don’t like, or do well, with controls that are overly complicated.

The other thing is trophies. I really, really enjoy getting trophies and I enjoy games that have obtainable trophies. Most games with some multiplayer based gameplay have trophies that require you to play online. This makes getting those platinum trophies difficult if you’re a person like me who just doesn’t want to play with other people most of the time. The game still has the “Challenges” that are on PC but there are also plenty of trophies specific to the console ports.

Most of these trophies are fairly easy to obtain, and a good portion you will get just through regular progression. Then there are the ones that are going to take time. Ones like getting all 6 classes to level 70, or completing 500 bounties. All of these are doable, just time consuming. I feel like that is a good way to get people to keep playing your game, obtainable goals that just take time.

There are a few challenging ones of course, that may in fact be frustrating. Specifically those are the trophies for doing things in Hardcore mode. There really are only 3 trophies for hardcore, killing Diablo, killing Malthiel and reaching level 70. I will say that I almost bit the dust at level 69 in Hardcore and I would have probably snapped the disc in half. I did manage to get this trophy last night, and feel that I’m once again done with that mode.

I will eventually platinum this game, but it may be awhile since there are a couple shiny new games coming out soon that I will be playing. But for now I’m content with working on the trophies that are left. Overall I enjoy the game, it really doesn’t require all that much attention and is something you can play for an hour and put down. I’m not planning on trying to beat the game on the highest difficulty again, that’s just too frustrating.

Like any game I’ll play it as long as I’m able to enjoy it.

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On Revisiting Diablo 3

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