Waiting for Headstart

Death or Double Space

ffxiv 2015-05-19 19-04-12-406 This morning I am struggling to find purpose when it comes to sitting down and writing a blog post.  I know as I struggle through this something will magically happen and words will appear on the page.  For the Newbie Blogger Initiative folks out there, this sort of thing happens often.  Last night for example I didn’t do much of anything that would inspire a story.  I guess in truth that isn’t entirely true since I did record a Bel Folks Stuff podcast with Jaedia, but that is still being edited and hopefully will be released on Friday.  After we finished that however I attempted to hang out on the sofa and craft, but before long found myself nodding off at the keyboard.  I actually chose to do the responsible adult thing and head on to bed around 9 pm.  As I said nothing terribly exciting to talk about.

I will say one of the more humorous things that came out in the twenty minutes or so before we actually started recording was that I am old.  Jaedia was talking about editing my posts and that I double space after every line.  This is an artifact of my age and something that is so deeply ingrained in me that I cannot stop doing it.  Our editor over on MMO Games apparently thinks it is “adorable” that I double space, so I have transcended that line of being cute for my outdated ways.  Ultimately I could write a search and replace to remove them… which would be simple enough but for whatever reason I find posts that double space after the end of each sentence easier to read.  Throughout my entire educational career this was the “correct” way to do anything, and I have the style manuals to back me up on this one.  The whole single space thing has come into vogue in the meantime.  I feel like the “oxford comma” folks on this one that I am willing to die on this hill as I continue to double space.

Waiting for Headstart

final_fantasy_14_heavensward_dragon.0 For awhile now I knew that I would essentially be done with World of Warcraft on or around June 19th when the Heavensward head start happens.  Admittedly I took a similar break from Final Fantasy XIV around the launch of Warlords of Draenor, or at the very least dialed back my Final Fantasy time to only a few times a week.  So this is one of those things that I always knew would happen, but I realized yesterday that I should probably tell my raid leader that he essentially only has me for  two weeks.  I guess he knew it was coming and was extremely cool about it, but I still felt the need to actually put it in words.  I was not however able to tell some of my other friends yesterday so my hope is to do that tonight when we work on Blackhand.  I would love to be able to defeat Blackhand before I go.  This would give me some nice closure for this phase of the expansion.

I think ultimately everyone involved with the guild knows that sooner or later I will run away again.  I don’t exactly have a history of much longevity with World of Warcraft since the Cataclysm expansion.  I will show up for a brief period of time, get bored and wander off again… only to be drawn back later due to some inexplicable urge to play.  Right now I have just reached that place where there is nothing that I care to do in World of Warcraft.  I’ve been there so many times, and it is not actually a lack of things to do.  There are TONS of things that I could be doing, farming pets, farming mounts, clearing old world content, or working on achievements.  The problem being that none of these things are actually driving me to log in.  There are times I think this funk is essentially the side effect of me raiding multiple nights a week, and has very little to do with Warcraft itself.  I think I reach a point where I simply need a break, so I wander off for a bit and do other things only to return later in a much more casual fashion.

Not Quite Done

Wow-64 2015-05-14 18-09-55-06Right now my plan is to dial back my World of Warcraft raiding time to zero as I work on leveling in Heavensward.  I am still torn as to whether I will end up playing a Warrior or a Dark Knight.  I am pretty damned attached to Warrior as far as classes go, but the whole leap+aoe opener thing that Dark Knights are supposedly going to have makes me super excited.  I loved that aspect of the Jedi Guardian in Star Wars the Old Republic.  Ultimately I will likely have both to 60 and geared up, but there is going to be some serious nostalgia drawing me back to Warrior.  I have loved everything about the way that job feels, and I have to say my Malignant Mogaxe is reason enough to play one.  I am honestly just pumped to wander around the new zones.  Last week during the Live Letter watching Yoshi P play in the zones reminded me so much of the way Kunark felt.  Granted it is much higher fidelity than the original Kunark, but I am talking more about the scale of the zones.  Everything feels big and expansive and I am hoping that because of this the hard edges and zone walls will be more disguised.

In the past when I have withdrawn from World of Warcraft I have made a big deal about it.  I have almost always done one of those “quitting” posts, but this time around I don’t feel the need to do that.  In fact I have no plans on actually cancelling my account.  I still plan on piddling around in the game, just on a much more casual level.  Hell for all I know after my month or so long sabbatical I might be right back raiding the 6.2 content like normal.  I do admit that I am super interested in the Hellfire Citadel raid that is just about to come out.  I liked all the “fel” stuff from Burning Crusade, so if Tanaan Jungle is going to be an entire zone of that I might really enjoy it.  I am just going to allow myself time to back away from the game as a whole so I can experience Heavensward to its fullest without the sense of bitterness towards Warcraft for pulling me away two nights a week.  I really think this is for the best because if I force myself to raid WHILE playing Heavensward that is the surest way to get me to actually quit the raid entirely.

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Waiting for Headstart

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