On Witcher 3 – Boats, Boats, Boats

So, I meant to write a post this past Friday, but due to work keeping me busy and feeling like death I didn’t get a chance to write anything up. Today is a bit of an interlude, and is going to be talking about my least favorite aspect of this game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad or completely broken, I just have issues with this part of the game.


I spent a majority of my weekend sailing around the Skellige islands going from point of interest to point of interest and ran across a couple of annoying mechanics that I want to talk about. Now, there was a patch that was supposed to address some of the issues people were having and I’ll talk about that later, but for the most part I find this part a bit annoying.

First off, Geralt needs a bigger boat. Probably the single biggest complain I have here is the size of your boat. Now, for purposes of travelling it gets the job done. However, you cannot effectively fight while on the boat. This is normally okay until you get in to fights with Sirens. Sirens can attack you from underwater or in the air, and while you’re on your boat this can get you in to some trouble. In order to fight the Sirens you have to stop your boat, press the button to stand up and then start fighting. All while they continue to attack you, and possibly wreck your boat, which did happen to me this weekend.

Now, underwater they are easy to deal with, and even on land they’re not bad. On your boat, now that’s a different story. You’re literally better off jumping off in to the water, or in most cases you have to get knocked in to the water. Once combat starts you can no longer jump which pretty much means your stuck in the boat unless you are knocked out, or manage to walk off the side. Once you’re in the water it only takes one or two crossbow bolts to take any of them down.

Most of the bugs I’ve found in the game at this point have been on a boat or in the water. The biggest one I found was that if you used your crossbow while sitting down, most of the time you could no longer stand up. Like the button no longer responded. The only way I found to get out of this was either to reload your game or hope that one of the Sirens would knock you off the boat. The other two bugs I encountered were not being able to dive under the water after getting out of the boat and not being able to use the crossbow after falling in the water. Not a huge deal, and usually fixed itself on a reload. I can’t say for certain how to recreate the last two either, they just felt like random errors.

The funniest glitch I found though was one that I wish I had the video uploaded for. During my time going around doing the points of interest I found a large, “abandoned” ship. Curious to see if I could get on to the thing I swam around it for a couple of minutes. At one point I was next to the rear end of the ship and all of a sudden I was teleported in to the sky and fell on to the rigging which killed me with falling damage. I was very happy I had just saved. I did manage to get on board though by swimming up through the bottom of the ship, which was also very amusing.

All that said I still love this game. I managed to overburden myself by 1200lbs yesterday and had so much stuff I am having a difficult time unloading it on vendors.

I’m going to try to have my official “review” of the game this week, but I will probably be tied up with work and not sure when I’ll get a chance to write it up.

Also, keep in mind I’m playing to console version. Some of these issues may already have been fixed or are getting fixed. So far they (CD Projekt Red) have done a great job with updates. These issues may be console specific as well.

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On Witcher 3 – Boats, Boats, Boats

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