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Welcome to part 2 of my Witcher 3 Wild Hunt posts. Today’s topic? Content, if that wasn’t obvious.

The thing about this game is there is a lot to do, and man that can’t be emphasized enough. As of writing this I am around 80 hours in to the game and I feel like I haven’t touched half of the content yet. I think that it is technically possible to beat the game in under 30 hours, if you’ve played through before and know the optimal path to get through it. Why you would want to rush through the game is a mystery to me. I think that any future playthroughs will always see me doing as much content as possible.

So what types of content is there to do?

Points of Interest

While traveling around the different areas in the game you will come across message boards in towns. These boards contain notes that are often interesting to read, and open up points of interest on your map. Points of interest vary from monster nests, bandit camps, hidden treasures, abandoned sites, and points of power. They spread out across the the entire map, usually around the area where you first unlock them. I don’t know a hard number of how many are available, but I will say that I spent about an hour to two hours a night for a week doing nothing but points of interest. You might be able to do them quicker but I like to just run around and let things happen.

I personally enjoy the bandit camps the most, mostly because the bandits have the best AI. Not that the other ones aren’t fun, I just happen to enjoy setting bandits on fire. You don’t know what the point of interest is until you get close enough for it to show you the icon. I feel these make up a majority of the game, there is a good number of side quests that take a good amount of time, but in sheer number of available things I think this has the most.

Secondary Quests

These are generally unlocked through dialogue, and have a variety of objectives. Most secondary quests will take at least an hour to do. They feel like mini games with the amount of content and story that you get. There is a running statement that the amount of story in one secondary quest in Witcher 3 has more story than entire full release games. These aren’t simply fetch quests, though sometimes it feels like it. And even if they are there is usually a pretty good story that makes it interesting and worth doing.

Witcher Contracts

These are generally found through the message boards in towns, I can’t remember if they come up in other ways. Contracts are essentially your bread and butter in this game. Contracts involve talking to the quest giver, tracking down a monster and killing it (or not). The post I wrote yesterday contained an example of this. Some are pretty straightforward, but some will make you make choices that you might not want to make. Some of the monsters aren’t actually bad and while you can kill them you don’t have to. These also provide a good source of income so they are worth doing as soon as your able to. You will pick up plenty of contracts that are initially to high level to do, but as soon as you can handle it you should.

Gwent (pokemon)

Gwent is this worlds version of a trading card game. I say pokemon because there is a quest called something like “gotta collect them all”. Early in the game you receive a starter deck from another character and then get the option to play against other npc’s. Beating npc’s might net you a new card, which can help you build a better deck. I’ll admit I haven’t played much, mainly cause I’m not very good. There are certain points in the story that require you to play a round to move a quest along, and winning or losing can actually affect the next part of the quest. You can also obtain cards from merchants.

Horse Racing / Fight Club

Technically these are secondary quests, but I feel that they should get their own section. In each area you can find horse races that require you to do 1 vs 1 races or in a couple of instances there are 3 total racers. Winning these is the best way I’ve found to upgrade your horse. They’re not necessarily difficult, but they can be depending on the path you have to take.

The fight clubs are found throughout the area, usually around inn’s and involve winning fist fights. So far there have been 3 fights per area plus a final championship fight. You place a bet on yourself and try to not get knocked out. Losing generally gets you mocked by the npc’s but you can always retry the fight.You just lose money, which can add up quick if you lose a lot.


This really shouldn’t have to be said, but man the exploring. You can ride, or run, across the entire map once that area is opened up via story. Sometimes traveling alone will take 20 minutes. There are fast travel markers, but you have to find them. So at least for a good portion of the game you will be traversing the land on horseback. This leads to finding points of interest or secondary quests that you might not normally find. There are quests that are not marked on them map, and usually involve you stumbling across them. There is just so much exploring to do you can lose entire days playing to it.

I’m going to try to do 3 more posts on the game, I have 2 topics that I know I can write, just have to come up with a third.

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On Witcher 3 – Content, Content, Content

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