On Witcher 3 – Final Thoughts

I say final thoughts, because this is going to be the “review” post with my impressions of the game. I have not finished the game yet, though I think I’m around half way through the main story. I just like to take my time with games like this an do as much of the content as I can. I may also end up breaking this up in to multiple posts if it gets too lengthy. I don’t feel like people like to read a long wall of text. Or like me just don’t have the time.


Personally I find that I enjoy the story so much that I don’t want to play any other games until I finish it. Which might lead to a problem considering I like to do everything I possibly can before finishing a game. At this point I am somewhere around halfway through the story content, while sitting at around 88 hours of total time played. The main story is great, but when you provide me with a metric ton of side missions that all have their own story I am going to be very distracted and slow to get moving. This says alot about this game too. How many games have you played recently where the side missions were just as well done as the main story.

Some reviews have said that they (the author of the review) felt that the main story was nothing but fetch quests or kill this monster, and that there wasn’t much story. This makes me wonder exactly how many RPG’s they’ve played. I’m not going to disagree that there aren’t a lot of these types of quests, but really isn’t this the basis of EVERY SINGLE RPG EVER? Sure you can make a game that the story is just go go go but you will wind up with a game that is short and then you will complain that the story is too short. Enjoy the game for what it is. Witcher 3 actually explains this system by the fact that most of the people you meet are motivated by selfishness and won’t tell you anything until you do them favors.

That being said, I’m very pleased with the story and how it’s told. I feel that it moves along at the right pace.


I’ve touched on this a bit previously and while I am not super happy with some of the controls it isn’t bad. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to combat, but nothing that is going to take a long time to get used to. The biggest thing for me was having to learn how to handle the fights because of how I’m used to playing these types of games. You cannot run in to fights unprepared and swing away. That is a recipe for disaster, and that is something I learned from experience early on. Within a few hours you should be pretty good and at least dodging attacks. I will admit I’m not very good at using parry during weapon fights, but as long as you can dodge you should be okay.

I have had some issue with certain controls, but if you read my previous entry talking about underwater movement you will know what I’m referring to. The only other controls that have bugged me are the horse controls. It isn’t that they are bad, you just can’t take sharp turns without your horse stopping completely. This takes away from the races later in the game where you can very easily lose because of something like that.


This is probably one of the more widely discussed issues that people have had with the game. I don’t really want to get in to the debate about the graphics that were initially shown were “better” than what was in the final version. The reason why I don’t think this merits talking about (more than that)? It’s because the game is still gorgeous. I’m playing on the console which is severely limited compared to PC player experiences. I know people who have really powerful machines and are playing this on ultra settings and it makes me wish I could too. The console versions are still really well done. I feel like they did the best they could with the hardware restrictions imposed on them.

My only complaint on the graphics might be a console issue. That is that you are eventually going to start noticing that the NPC’s start looking the same after awhile. This is probably a system limitation and it could be different on different versions of the game so it doesn’t really bother me. Any system is going to have technical limitations and if they have to re-use voices or models I’m fine with that.

Segway in to talking about the acting? I’ve said this before I suck at segways in topics. I just wanted to say that all the voice acting (main cast anyways) has been top notch. Some of the secondary NPC’s such as merchants might not be as good, but all the main characters are expertly voiced. I believe most of the voice actors from the last game are back in this one, which is nice. I think it helps games in a series to do everything they can to retain actors for each game in the series.


This is probably the elephant in the room. This game has some problems, and sometimes those problems can set you back. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll have read about my encounters with some of the bugs and how they affected my game. The thing about the bugs/glitches in Witcher 3 is that CD Projekt Red is still actively trying to address any bugs that people are running in to. That being said, with a game this large some things are bound to not get caught. And the ones that are there and that were possibly known bugs are not game breaking.

There were some crashes early on in release but I haven’t had one in awhile. I did adopt the same philosophy I have when it comes to writing, save often. The worst loss of progress I had in the game came from a glitch when I hadn’t saved in a while.

Overall though I love this game. It is currently one of my favorite games of the last few years, if not the top one. If I didn’t already own a console I would have bought one for this. If I had a PC capable of playing it I would buy a second copy to play there with MODs. And maybe I still will do that later on.

So my final thoughts would be to go out and buy this game. You might not play it the same way as I do, but I think the experience is worth spending the money on it.

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On Witcher 3 – Final Thoughts

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