On Witcher 3 – Tips

This has gone a bit better then expected so far. This will make 4 days worth of posts about this game. This one might be a bit of a stretch.I’m by far not the best player in this game, I mean I die a lot but I’ve never claimed I was good at any game. Just felt like I could share a few things I’ve learned along the way while playing the game.


So, the thing that drove me crazy early on was that I never felt like I had enough money to buy the things I felt like I needed. This does get a bit easier later in the game, and there are always non-conventional methods to getting a lot of money (cow cheat). I don’t think there really is a quick and easy path out there though, it’s just something that you will need to be patient with. My main trick to making money so far has just been to sell everything that I don’t think I need. I don’t hold on to gear or weapons that I can’t use. I do hold on to herbs and crafting materials cause in the long run that will save you money on buying gear.

You also don’t really need to buy weapons or gear from vendors. As you wander the world you will pick up crafting patterns for weapons, as well as treasure hunts for witcher gear. The witcher gear that you can craft has always seemed to be the best option for me and even though they don’t scale you will get quests to find upgrade patterns that will go up a few levels at a time. There may be a point where you will find gear that is higher quality than any of the set pieces but I haven’t seen it yet. All I ever really buy from vendors at this point are alchemy ingredients, and repairs.

The best way I know to make money though is by doing the contracts. Eventually you are able to haggle how much you can get for completing it, so you can make a couple hundred crowns per contract. If you are not spending a lot of coin on items this does add up over time.

You can also make money off of horse races and the unarmed combat quests. There are usually 3 horse races per area, and 4 unarmed combat challengers in each area (after the first area). You can usually double your bet by winning, and if you lose you can always reload the save and try again. Both events are not particularly challenging, you just have to be good at either paying attention at where you’re going or being good and pressing the parry button.

Learn to Parry/Dodge/Get out of the way – or – go play Dark Souls

One of the biggest lessons I learned early on in the game is to not get greedy when fighting monsters, especially ones that come in packs. You might think that 10 low level drowners is an easy fight, but if you get surrounded you can still wind up dead. The trick is learning how to dodge/parry attacks and to never, NEVER, get surrounded. I’m one of those players where almost every hack and slash type game I’ve played allows you to just run in to the middle of everything and swing away. You can’t do this in this game. You have to learn attack patterns and tells, and know when retreating or getting out of the way is the best path.

The reason I have the “go play Dark Souls” joke above is that the fighting in this game reminds me a lot of the fights in Dark Souls. It might not be as complex as that was, but you learn fast that you can’t win a fight just by swinging your sword. I’ve had plenty of fights where my strategy has been to run in do 2 or 3 fast attacks and then back off. Anything more has often ended with getting punched in the face. So the best way to survive? Dodge. Here’s the thing though, some times that is just not enough. There are monsters that you will run in to at some point that are just to high level. Some of them you can out maneuver with speed, and some that just move to fast. You will find what works for you, but they put this system in place so you might just want to use it.

Save often, like really often.

No seriously save as much as you can.

I will explain this with a story that happened to me. Last night was one of those nights where I got home a bit late. I don’t get home and play right away. Usually I will get home and eat dinner and watch some videos before loading up a game. So by the time I started playing last night it was around 8pm. During the week I don’t have a ton of time to do things, and in this game story quests can run long so I decided to just do a few points of interest before calling it a day. I make my way to the first point of interest on that I see, about 5-10 minutes running to the point from town. Kill the monster at the location and get the treasure and start making my way to the next point of interest halfway across the map. After another 10+ minutes of running around I end up falling in to a deep hole and dying (cause that’s the most effective way to kill a witcher apparently). So up comes the “hey dummy you died so let’s reload” screen. This is where I learned I forgot to save and lost 30 minutes worth of stuff.

So let that be a lesson to you, save often.

The most important thing that I can think of right now? Explore.

This is a game that almost begs you to explore every square inch of it. There is just so much out there that you can find to do that isn’t marked on the map. Sure you can fast travel from point to point and then run straight at your marker. But doing that you miss out on so much. I have found several quests that aren’t marked in any way and the only reason I found them was because I was running around doing other stuff.

Not exploring in this game is basically depriving yourself of the full experience. Now do you have to explore? No. I’m not saying that will be how everyone plays this. That is just something about the game that I enjoy and I think it is beneficial to having the best experience. I will have over 100 hours of game time before next Monday comes around, and I can safely say that a good portion of that time is me just running around doing random things.

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On Witcher 3 – Tips

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