On Witcher 3 – Where’d the time go?

So this makes part 3 in the series. This is more of the impromptu topic that I just pulled out of a hat, so we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s topic of discussion: Where did the time go? I decided on this topic after thinking about how many times I’ve looked up at the clock while playing to discover that a considerable amount of time has gone by without me realizing it. Not that has ever been a large span of time, usually around an hour or a little more.

That may be not be the case for everyone, I live alone and don’t go out much so I don’t have other people to pull me away from something as immersive as Witcher 3 is. I imagine if there was someone else in my apartment with me it would be different. The main source of distraction for me is my cell phone. I do have a couple people I regularly text but they’re usually busy doing their own gaming.

You might wander how someone can lose so much time to a game, and admittedly I often wonder that when other people say the same thing about other games. I think for this game it comes down to the fact that there is so much to do, and getting from place to place is always an adventure. Just trying to run from point A to point B you might run across things that you weren’t planning to run in to.

You may also find yourself reading the books or letters that you find laying around the world. You might also spend a great deal of time trying to perfect your gwent deck. Sometimes I like to just look around at the scenery and post screenshots to twitter. Any number of things can sidetrack you from whatever it is you’re intending to do.

Last night for example I saw a light house in the distance and wanted to make my way over there. On the way I ran across a contract to rid the island of a curse, which involved doing a few things and a little running back and forth. The thing is that even something so simple as running to a light house became a story. And stories are everywhere in this game even when you’re not looking for them.

Honestly I think that sums it up pretty well. You can just lose yourself in the world, and that is one of the best things there is about this game. You never know what to expect, but always expect the unexpected.

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On Witcher 3 – Where’d the time go?

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