On Batman: Arkham Knight (part 1) – The Batmobile

So I realize it’s probably been about a month since I last posted anything. Work kind of got in the way of things. I got suckered in to helping develop & test the mobile app that our clients wanted which has meant lots of hours put in at work. This leads to a lack of motivation to use a computer outside of work, which is subsequently why I play more console games.

Anyways you’re probably here for the gaming not the “why isn’t he posting” q & a. I’m going to try to post a few different topics talking about various aspects of Batman: Arkham Knight, which I recently finished. I will try to keep anything I talk about spoiler free, however I do feel like there will be one with spoilers which I will note in the header and repeatedly throughout. If, after writing a post, I feel like there are spoilers I’ll try to go back through and note them where applicable.

Today’s topic is the Batmobile, also known as the single most forced mechanic in the game.

So I will start off by saying that this was, in my opinion, the worst part of the game. However, I do feel like it was still an interesting concept and added a new mechanic that wasn’t available in the other games in the series. At the same time though I feel like the game would still have been good without it, or with it being less prominent.

Going in to the game you might think that the batmobile is there primarily for show, or something that is just there but optional. That is certainly what I thought, but that makes us both wrong. I would say there are four main categories for how the batmobile is used in the game: Main story, Riddler stuff, Non-Riddler side missions, and just driving around. Of those, only the just driving around is purely optional. The others, while not always necessary are often required.

Like previous Batman games there are a large number of Riddler puzzles that you have to complete in order to get 100% completion in this game. To be precise there are 243 puzzles, some of which require you to use the batmobile in order to complete. Most of simply require that you use the wench feature of the vehicle to pull something or blow something up. The other use is for time trial like events where in order to get the trophy you must use gps coordinates to find the starting position and then have about a minute to get to your destination.

The second use are for non-Riddler related side missions. I don’t really consider this a spoiler as this is stuff that might have been in the trailers for the game. During the campaign the Arkham Knight sends his army to occupy Gotham City. This opens up side missions that want you to help clear out the occupying army so that the remaining police can start patrolling again. Now not all of these are batmobile related, and those will be discussed in another topic. The ones that do involve the batmobile involve car chases to catch lieutenants and bomb deactivation which leads to a survival style tank battle. I believe these are optional, at least from a standpoint of you just want to get through the story.

While I can’t really talk about how the vehicle is used in the story I will say that it was used more than I expected it to, and certainly more than I wanted it to. When I first saw that you could use the batmobile I thought to myself that it would make a nice optional part of the game. The reality is that there is a heavy focus on using it, or at least it felt that way while I was playing. It felt to me as if the person who came up with the idea of putting it in the game was very pleases with themselves and told the developers to make you use it a lot. If I hadn’t been forced to use it I probably would have only used it once or twice and then been done with it. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if the controls on the vehicle weren’t terrible.

Now did I hate the batmobile? No. Do I think it was overused? Yes. I think the over use of the vehicle mechanics took away from the game. I realize it is probably more realistic to have him driving around in a car than to fly around the city. But really should realism be that much of an issue in a game like this?

I will say that the more you use it the easier it becomes to handle, so the controls aren’t “horrible”, they just take awhile to get used to. The short version of this is that I enjoyed the new game mechanic but I feel like it was just a bit unnecessary. Should this keep you from playing the game? Certainly not. I’ll get in to the rest of the game later but definitely don’t let this sway your decision about getting this game.

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On Batman: Arkham Knight (part 1) – The Batmobile

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