On Batman: Arkham Knight (part 2) – Side Missions

So in the last post I talked a bit about the Batmobile and how I felt like it was a bit overused. Today’s topic is side missions, or, how I got 100% completion in Arkham Knight.

One of the selling points for Arkham Knight was that it is an open world environement allowing you to go anywhere in the city at any time (for the most part). I’ve found that any game that sells itself as an open world game usually has at least some amount of side missions in it. I’m sure people have different opinions on stuff like that, and normally I am a bit mixed on them, but the ones in this game at least felt fluid enough that I didn’t mind doing them. It also helps that you HAVE to get 100% completion to get the true ending to the game. That said, today’s topic is to discuss the various side missions you can do, sans spoilers.

If you look at the image above you will notice a lot of 100% completion icons. Each one is a various aspect to the game, with the top center one being the main story. I probably won’t mention every one as I don’t remember them all, or similar ones will be grouped together.

Military Side-Missions

One of the over-arcing elements of the game is the military occupation from the Arkham Knights army, which opens up three different side missions. Each one encompasses various aspects to the different gameplay mechanics, sometimes combining them. The first one you come across are mines that have been placed in the road that you must deactivate using the batmobile. This involves using the tank mode to hack the mines OS and then blowing it up. While the hack is going on it will start spawning enemy vehicles that you have to use the tank mode to eliminate, this can get frustrating later on in the game once drones start coming out, or vehicles that launch heat seeking missiles.

Another military mission involves roadblocks that must be cleared by beating the crap out of the soldiers and then breaking the commanders control unit. Some of these involve remote controlling the batmobile to destroy turrets, but for the most part it just involves you being very good at fighting large groups of enemies at once. Early on it is fairly easy, though eventually they start adding in things to make it more challenging such as turrets, weapons, or heavily armored soldiers that you cannot use your normal attacks against.

The third type of military mission involves locating militia lieutenants that are driving around and taking out their vehicles. This is effectively a car chase mechanic and you have to use your batmobile to chase them while fending off their lackeys. This generally isn’t a challenge unless you lose sight of them, and since the batmobile handles horribly it can be a challenge to get caught back up.

The fourth military side missions are similar to the roadblocks in that you have to beat up a large number of soldiers to accomplish part of the goal. After you get through the introductory part of the game the militia puts search lights up on the taller buildings which will shoot at you instantly if spotted. The goal here is to defeat all of the soldiers around the control unit which you then disable. I think these are more of the “predator” missions you see in the previous titles as the soldiers here are usually armed. This means you can’t just rush in and take them all out.

The last military mission involves unmanned drones that are flying around the city. You have to glide above them and attach an explosive to them to knock them out of the sky which allows you to glide around without having to worry about being spotted. Of the five I mentioned this is probably the easiest. The drones use a set pattern and as long as they don’t see you it isn’t hard to do.

Two-Face Missions

The rest of these are going to be a little bit less involved than the military missions but I want to make sure that I give each one a little bit of space.

The two-face missions are all predator missions that involve stopping Two-Faces thugs from robbing banks. This is a pretty standard level if you’ve played any of the other Batman games. The first part involves hunting down the thugs and taking them out. You don’t have to be as quiet because of the alarms, but you still have to be cautious about it. Once you take out the first group of thugs a second wave spawns in and you have to repeat the process. The trick is that the second group is actively looking for you so you have to be especially quiet.

Penguin Missions

Another set of missions involves destroying the weapons caches that the Penguin is selling to the militia, which involves the help of Nightwing. Each of these consists of two parts. The first part is tailing a target vehicle Assassins Creed style back to their hideout. The second par involves beating down all of the thugs and then destroying the cache. The best part of these missions is the tag-team style fighting, which I’ll talk more about in the final game discussion.

Firefly Missions

No these don’t involve Nathan Fillion, sorry. These missions involve finding buildings that are on fire and once put out chasing Firefly down in the batmobile until he runs out of fuel in his jetpack. That’s pretty much it. These missions felt a bit like they were on a timer. You have to find a building that is on fire, maybe one per island. It felt like these only opened up after a certain part of the story, or after rescuing a certain number of firefighters (see the next missions). The trickiest part of these missions is keeping up. Since you HAVE to use the batmobile for this you have to be able to keep up with him.

Missing Firefighters

These missions, in a way, tie in to the Firefly missions in that the story of how they wound up being captured involves him. Each firefighter is abducted by a different group of thugs and you have to find each one in order to open up the final mission. The hardest part here is actually finding them. There is no indicator on the map of where they are. I found a majority of these on accident, but eventually had to scour the city to find the last few. I feel like groups of these were opened up through completing various checkpoints in the main game.


I touched on this a bit yesterday, but there are a couple different Riddler missions that you have to do. They all tie in together but I’m going to separate them out a little bit.

The first set of missions involves rescuing Catwoman from a neck bomb that the Riddler has attached to her. This involves solving a series of puzzles, most of which involve using the batmobile. In most instances you use the car to solve a puzzle, but others are essentially race tracks with death traps. I hated these the most, and I’ll admit I got extremely frustrated at times. It’s not that the puzzles weren’t interesting but the controls for the car are not good which made completing the timed challenge difficult.

The other parts to the overall Riddler missions are the usual riddles you find throughout the city as well as Riddler trophies that involve solving some sort of puzzle, or having a certain gadget in order to complete. There are 243 of these combined puzzles that you HAVE to complete to do the final mission, as well as needing to be done to get the secret ending.

Out of all the puzzles I hated this one the most. A lot of the puzzles were hard to find and I wound up having to use a video guide on youtube to find the ones I had missed.

Azrael Missions (almost done)

The next to last set of missions involves finding Azrael around the city and using his character to do complete a “brawl” type mission. This involves waves of enemies that you have to defeat without getting hit. One hit (or model collision) will cause you to fail and star over. Generally speaking this is nothing new for a Batman game so if you’ve played any of the previous games AR challenges this will be exactly the same. It is effectively combat training.

Man-Bat Missions

There are only 3-4 missions in this story, and it is fairly easy to do. So much that I forgot about it until I looked up a list of missions to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. These missions simply involve tracking Man-Bat down and capturing him. There is a little story here, but I am no spoiling that.

Serial Killer Missions

By far this is probably my favorite set of missions, even if they are particularly annoying. These missions, similar to others, don’t show up on your map. You have to find crucified bodies that have been left around town and solve the mystery of who the serial killer is. I liked them because it felt more like you were using Batman’s detective skills, which the majority of the game forgets exist. I won’t spoil the ending of this, but the self contained story here is remarkably well done.

I think that is all of the side content that is available, at least things that involve more than one mission. There might be a couple I didn’t mention, but those were not things that the were tracked in the overall progress window.

This turned out a bit longer than I meant it to, so hopefully you stuck around to the end.

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On Batman: Arkham Knight (part 2) – Side Missions

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