On Batman: Arkham Knight (part 3) – DLC/Season Pass

This might be a short post day, as I feel this topic is more of a personal opinion post than actually discussing the game.

So when the game was announced they also announced a season pass that would have new content for the game once a month for six continuous months. The first story DLC was recently announced as a prequel story that allows you to play as Batgirl going up against the Joker & Harley Quinn sometime prior to the events of Arkham Asylum. So it falls somewhere between Origins (timeline wise this would be first) and Asylum where she has switched to her role as Oracle.

From what I can see in the trailer this does look like an interesting addition to the story, and from what I’ve read there will be additional easter eggs and collectibles to find. I’m just a little bit leery about making this purchase.

Now I’m not generally opposed to season pass content, I’ve purchased my fair share of them up to this point. I’m just not sure I want to shell out $40 for this without knowing exactly what all the content is going to be. I’m worried that I will be paying $40 for six missions that only take one hour to finish.

This was the case with the pre-order bonus missions. When I started playing them I assumed they were going to take longer than 30 minutes to finish, so I was a bit disappointed there. I would like to think that the story DLC would at least be a bit longer than that. If you have the season pass you can start playing in a couple of days, but if not you have to wait till around the end of the month to be able to play.

I’m torn between buying the season pass and waiting until it comes out to hear some reviews on length and content. I don’t want to run in to a situation where I feel like I’ve wasted my money. Up to this point I’ve bought the other Batman games in a Game of the Year edition with all the DLC included, with the exception of Origins which was a gift. I will probably end up waiting at least until the 14th to make this decision though. If reviews come out that it is just not a good story or that it is short I will wait to purchase it, if I ever actually do.

If you are wondering where my concern is coming from it is because the company that developed the Batgirl story dlc is the company that made Arkham Origins. I recently finished playing that and was not exactly pleased with the story in the game. So I’m a bit nervous that the story here will not be very good.

The only thing that makes me lean towards purchasing the content is that at the moment I’m between games. I have Final Fantasy 14 that I can play but I’m just not feeling motivated on it due to their “you have to run dungeons to progress” game plan.

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On Batman: Arkham Knight (part 3) – DLC/Season Pass

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