Twas Night Before Blaugust

It’s Almost Time

I know I have said this many times… but I have to say it again.  I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of support I have gotten for the path of madness known as Blaugust.  As of this morning when I compiled the list I will be posting shortly… we had 47 people signed up on the Blaugust Nook.  I absolutely suggest that you get out there and mingle with your fellow Blaugustians, because you are all embarking upon a mission together that will be challenging for many of you.  There is a shared spirit of struggle that binds us all, in our mission of creating thirty one days of content.  These events that we hold serve to galvanize our community, and create cohesion where it may or may not already exist.  More than anything however… this event is about tricking each and every one of you into realizing that you can in fact write content on a schedule.  Inspiration is a fickle muse…  but I am here to tell you that you don’t need her anyways!

The Blaugustians

Victor_Tour Without anymore rambling on my part… I introduce to you the challengers in the second running of the Blaugust games…  may the content ever be in your favor.

This is a pretty damned impressive group of blogs if I do say so myself.  During this years Blaugust I will be taking special note for the folks who also competed last year and will be coming up with some special recognition for repeat winners and survivors.  Remember it is not too late to join in the madness, and you can sign up on the Blaugust Nook thread at any point during the month and play catch up.  Lets make this the best Blaugust yet!

A First Prompt

What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?

To make things a little easier on the Blaugustians I will be providing a writing prompt each day during the month of August in my morning posts.  These are of course completely optional, but if you find yourself stuck you can go to the writing prompt thread and hopefully find some ideas.  I highly suggest that we make the writing prompts a collaborative experience, and if you think of something good even if you are not going to use it yourself…  post it to the thread to help your fellow challengers.  I look forward to seeing all of the awesome stuff you fine folks create tomorrow.  I mentioned this yesterday but I also plan on suggesting some games of the week, in case you are struggling to find purpose.  Nothing creates content like your first time experiencing a new game, or even returning to a game you had forgotten about.  That said I don’t really want to roll these out today, but will instead include them in tomorrows post.

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Twas Night Before Blaugust

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