#Blaugust Day 12: Liebster 2: The New Batch

I have been Liebstered once more, this time by Tamrielo. I’m not going to try to come up with another 11 facts about myself; that was hard enough the first time. I will answer his questions however. Rumors that I am using this as free content because I can’t think of anything better to write today are absolutely false and should be disregarded. The computer is your friend.

The computer desires answers

What is the best spell to cast?

Time Stop, no contest. Casting Time Stop gives you the opportunity to set up a cascade of fireballs, lightning bolts, and delayed blast fireballs all capped off by a prismatic sphere to utterly annihilate your foe. Not that I have any experience doing this, nope, not me.

What food item(s) from a game do you want to eat above any others?

I’m extremely curious about that goblin cheese. If the Illuminati want it, it must be some impressive stuff.

You’ve got an infinite supply of one consumable, and can never carry any others. Which consumable do you choose?

Fairies in bottles. Infinite fairies in bottles mean you can brute force your way through any problem.

Cures what ails you

You have to choose a race and class that you’ve never played seriously before. What do you pick?

Bugbear warrior. Bugbears are clearly the chosen race, and are particularly good at beating people up.

What game did you think you would hate but actually loved?

Team Fortress 2. I got it in the Orange Box because Half-Life 2 and Portal. Turned out to actually be a whole lot of fun.

What game did you think you would love but actually hated?

Ultima VIII. I was a huge fan of Ultima, and the idea of taking the fight to the Guardian’s world was really interesting. The game was… not good.

Pick a zone from any game to live in. Why?

Hrm, maybe pre-Cataclysm Loch Modan? I always liked it, and it’s a reasonably pleasant terrain and climate. Good fishing too.

You can excise one class from every future game. Which? Why?

Warrior. Replace with something more interesting than ‘guy who hits people with sharp objects’

What’s your favorite story?

The Wizard of Oz

What hobby does no one (yet) know you have?

I’m a (very) amateur birder. I’m not going for a Big Year anytime soon or going way out of my way to hunt down rare birds, but I do actively keep an eye out for birds when going about my life, and keep record of new or interesting ones I see.

What is your favorite secret shame? >:D

I enjoy bubblegum pop music way too much.