On Ant-Man

So today was a bit of an adventure. Earlier this week I sent an email out to my friends trying to pull together people to go see a movie with. One of the things I’ve decided I need to do to not stay curled up in a depression ball on weekends is to try to go out and do stuff, or at least just go out. Due to conflicting schedules we decided to post-pone for a couple of weeks. However I still planned to go see a movie, and pulled in one of my other friends that I also work with and we wound up going to see Ant-Man.

The adventure part was that initially I wanted to go to an early showing of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” but my friend didn’t want to get out before the afternoon started. If you’re wondering why I wanted to see a really early movie it’s a pretty simple reason. I don’t like crowded theaters, and I don’t like annoying, loud people of any age. So with those plans shot I went around and did a little store browsing to kill time, hoping that I could kill enough of it to wait out the 1:30 showing, getting home around noon and reading some D&D comics. Long story short (too late) we ended up at a 2:15 showing of Ant-Man.

I would say that I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Ant-Man is not one of those characters I’ve ever really read. More of a “oh he’s in this other guy’s story” kind of character. I know some of the basics, such as Hank Pym is the person most associated with the Ant-Man character, with his wife Janet being Wasp. In the movie Scott Lang takes on the role, with Hank Pym being a mentor of sorts. This does hold with the current comics however because from what I’ve read Scott Lang is the current Ant-Man in the MCU.

The plot revolves around the fact that Hank Pym doesn’t want anyone to reproduce his “Pym Particles” since he knows it would be weaponized and he doesn’t want that. Enter his former protege Darrin Cross who really, really wants to duplicate it so that he can sell it to the highest bidder. So after some set up this movie effectively starts to turn in to a heist movie with the main characters doing the training montage and then the crew coming together to form a plan and then enact said plan. It does a good job setting everything up, and moves along at a good pace. It does suffer from typical movie things such as extremely obvious hints as to things that will happen later in the movie. I understand why they have to do this, but I still wish they didn’t have to. I can’t get in to specifics because I really don’t like spoiling things. The other thing the movie suffers from is that the villain is just not really believable to me. I took away that the main reason he does everything he does is because he had his feeling hurt by Hank Pym and he just never got over it.

I would say overall I did enjoy the movie, and I see how it sets up the character to appear in Captain America: Civil War, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a second movie. I don’t know if that will happen or not, and this might have simply been a vehicle to introduce the character so they don’t have to do it in Captain America. There are some story points that may point to a sequel, or at least a plot element in a future movie.

I’m going to make an attempt to see “Man From U.N.C.L.E” tomorrow morning, so hopefully the theater won’t be too packed, and if other people are there that they know how to not talk during a movie.

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