On Attachment to A Game Series

So I’m going to cheat a little bit today for Blaugust. I’m not posting off my domain because of the hosting service having problems keeping their hosted sites online for more than 30 minutes a day. (I’m very grumpy right now).

So for Blaugust day 5 I’m using one of the writing prompts since I haven’t really been able to come up with something. It’s been a busy day. The prompt I am going to write about is “Is there any particular game series that you will always be attached to? What is it that makes the series as a whole compelling (as opposed to just a certain game in the series)?”.

For me I would have to say one of the series I always go back to is the Assassins Creed series. I’ll admit that some of the games have not been great *cough*3*cough*, but I usually can at least enjoy the story and how all the games, in some ways, all tie in to each other.

I’ve typically picked up each release around the time of it’s release, and in the case of Unity and Syndicate I’ve preordered the game and the season pass. Normally I avoid season passes until I know what will be in them, but I like the series so I did get it for Unity before they cancelled it and got Farcry 4 out of the deal. I’ve preordered the Gold edition of Syndicate and hope it is worth the money.

If you ask why I like the games so much it is partially because of the augmented history aspect to the story. I don’t always care for the present day parts, but running from rooftop to rooftop has always been enjoyable. Reading the background on the characters is always fun, and usually causes me to get online and read about the real people that are used in the games.

Another reason I am particularly attached to this series ties in to recent events. My friend that passed away really loved the series, and also played every one that came out, with her favorite of the series being Brotherhood. We disagreed on the quality of 3 though. Her enjoying it and me not so much. She had completed Unity and Rogue before she passed away. I wish she could have played Syndicate though as I think she was looking forward to it. I know I am at least.

Several of the items I brought back were Assassins Creed related, and I’ll be holding on to them. So now I have pretty much all the games, minus Liberty cause I just never got around to that one.

Finally if you were to ask me which of the series is my personal favorite? I would have to go with Assassins Creed 2 (or any of the Ezio games really). The time period that those games were set it was one of the best.

I’m not sure this really answered the prompt though, but it’s words written.

Hopefully my site will be back up and working steadily again soon. I have a couple things I want to talk about, but it requires some video editing before I can make a post on it.

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