On Collectors Editions

Today’s post brought to you buy a writing prompt, but this time one that I came up with just now.

How do you feel about buying collectors editions? Why do you buy them, or why don’t you?

Personally I have mixed feeling on collectors editions of games. I think they’re good to have around for people that like to buy them. I don’t think that them being offered hurts anybody, unless you are spending money on them that you should be using for other things, like paying bills and eating. But if you have the means to buy them then more power to you.

I don’t tend to buy a lot of collectors editions myself because in a lot of instances I don’t feel like the things that come with them are enough of an incentive to pay $100+ (89€/65£). Does that ever stop me from buying them? Nope, not one bit. I have a collectors edition of Fallout 4 heading my way in a couple of months. Is it worth every penny? Probably not. Am I going to use the replica PIP Boy that comes with it? Nope. Then you might ask, if you’re not going to use it why buy it? And my answer is, “Because it looks cool”. And that is why I have bought most of the collectors editions that I own, because they looked cool.

The problem that I am running in to is space. I don’t have anywhere to really put these things. I like to keep everything together, including the original packaging if I can. Up to this point most of the ones I have bought were for MMO’s, but I’ve started branching out a bit. I certainly am not planning to buy every collectors edition I can, I simply can’t afford to do that, but once in a while I might. If has a cool enough set of items with it I would at least consider it.

I do now have in my possession a few more collectors editions that my friends dad let me have after she passed away. I’ve set them all up in my office where they will be well taken care of. I’ll have to buy more shelves in the near future probably to add to the available space, or clear out the shelves to make room for things.

So will I keep buying them? Yes, as long as there are interesting games and they feel like they’re worth the money I will.

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