On Phantasy Star Online

So, today I saw a post from @Belghast today where he mentions a little game called Phantasy Star Online, which brought up so memories of the olden days long since passes (roughly late 2000 or so) when I also played that game.

The beginning of this story started when I was starting my freshman year of college. I had a small scholarship due to my ACT scores, not enough to cover it all but enough to get me at least to go. The first half of the year went okay-ish. Then I saw a game on the cover of Electronic Gaming Monthly. I didn’t know what it was, I just liked the art that was used on the cover. At the time I wouldn’t have said I was a big gamer either, at least I don’t remember playing a lot of games at the time. I certainly hadn’t played many (if any) RPG’s at the time, and nothing online. Keep in mind the internet at the time was mostly on a 24.4kbps dial up modem, so you really couldn’t do what we do today.

Anyways, I read about the game and got really excited. It looked like an amazing game and I was stoked to play it. I didn’t own a Dreamcast at the time, but this was around the time the price dropped to $99 because SEGA really, really needed people to buy it. Around this time I got my first credit card (bad mistake in the end) and the first thing I did with it was to go down to Best Buy and buy a Dreamcast and a copy of PSO.

Now I couldn’t tell you what class I played. I remember it was a human, and my main weapon was a pistol. I do remember playing the game a lot. And I mean I was staying up till 3am and missing classes because of this. I only ever played online one time (dial up). I remember doing something with a group, and at the end one of the guys gave me a very high quality pistol which was better than anything I had seen in the game at that point.

I proceeded to use that weapon to beat the game on every single difficulty setting that there was, though I never did play online again. I don’t remember that players name either, I just remember that was my first real online interaction.

There are two morals to this story.
1: If you’re in school, don’t stay up til 3am playing video games.
2: If they make a new PSO MMO I will be all over that.

I’m also posting straight from Aggrochat again cause, you know, my site can’t stay up this week.


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