On Why I Prefer Hearthstone – Blaugust Day 16

First off, I’d like to note that I’m posting this on the Aggrochat site instead of mine cause for whatever reason I can’t log in to my blog to write on it. Not sure exactly the problem, but I have a ticket open with the hosting people since it worked yesterday. The main site is still up, I just can’t get to the stupid login page.

So over this weekend I’ve played both Hearthstone and Magic Duels, and I have to say I think I just prefer Hearthstone over Magic. I also prefer either one over Hex at this point, but that will come later.

So, let me say that Magic Duels (or MTG in general) is not a bad game. I don’t dislike it, I just am not a fan of certain mechanics. Namely how mana works. I know that it makes it a more strategic game since you have to rely on pulling a land at good intervals. So you either have to load your deck up with land cards so that you have a higher ratio, thus more land draws, or you don’t. Loading up on land gives you less creatures to play, and the ones you do will have to follow a good cost curve. You still have to have a good curve if you go with less land, but you won’t be as likely to play high cost cards.

Now, I know that Hearthstone is fairly similar in that you have to have a good mana curve in order to have a well rounded deck, but you are guaranteed a mana crystal every turn (up to turn 10). This allows most players (except filthy, cheating druids) to gain a mana every turn. I think this allows for better deck construction. You might argue that cuts down on the strategy involved, but I would just have to disagree.

The other thing I like about Hearthstone over MTG is that it’s quick to play. Unless you or your opponent are playing fatigue decks they usually last maybe 10 minutes. Not long compared to the hour long game of MTG I saw once. I can’t say that Magic Duels matches last as long because I didn’t play long enough to play against anything other than the AI.

I did like that Magic Duels incorporated a way to earn gold to buy booster packs. I can’t say who was the first card game to come up with that, but I like the feature. It helps more casual players like myself to play, and for people on a budget a way to keep getting new cards.

So overall, I think both games are good, as well as accessible. I just find that Hearthstone is maybe a little bit easier to get in to.

As to why both are better than Hex? Hex promised a dungeon mode that you could group up with your friends to play together against and has not delivered it yet. This is the one reason I backed it. So at least Hearthstone and (maybe) Magic can deliver on their promises.

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