Bounties and Newness

Shiny Newness

Bounties and Newness

Right now the bulk of my social infrastructure is on fire with people returning to Wildstar.  September 28th at Midnight EST was the official launch of the Wildstar Reloaded free to play experience.  They are going through the same sort of growing pains that everyone goes through when they launch a game, or in this case relaunch it.  When I got in last night, and managed to fight my way through the queue, I was greeted with a “server going down in 15 minutes” message as they were needing to do some sort of emergency maintenance.  This is absolutely par for the course for an event like this, but nonetheless disheartening.  I absolutely get why they were bringing the server down however because the tiny bit of time I was able to play the lag was horrific.

I did however manage to do what I had intended to do this morning, which was rifle through my bags… dump everything that was not needed in my bank, and start to clean out my mailbox.  With the change to the way the crafting system works, a lot of the old crafted items were consumed and instead we were mailed a stack full of equivalent materials.  I had seven or eight of these messages from Protostar, all containing things I have no clue what to do with them.  Thankfully however pretty much everything seemed to fit just fine in my tradeskill bag so I don’t have to care for this very moment.  I was able to consume all of the perks that I got through the whole cosmic points system.  I am one step away from tier 6, and as of last night I got some perk that causes me to gain omnibits faster which is kinda cool.  With new toys comes a new outfit, which I cobbled together this morning before sitting down to right a blog post.  For the time being… I think I am going to stay off the servers until things calm down a bit.

Daily Bounties

One of the things I am still enjoying quite a bit is my daily routine of logging into Destiny and getting new bounties.  I am not sure how a game goes from feeling oppressive and grindy, to fun an exciting in a single patch… but whatever the case Destiny did just that.  I think more than anything it is the increased drop rates that make things feel interesting, because when I know it is highly likely that I will get something for my time spent, I don’t mind spending time doing something.  I love the random chance of finding something cool, and maybe once I am geared enough to no longer care about drops…  it will feel different.  However every single engram that I see glowing in the distance is a chance at finding something to increase my overall light and as such make me more formidable.  Largely my key goal this week however has been to try and stock pile strange coins again in the hopes that on Friday Xur will bring me something awesome and exotic.

Bounties and Newness

I still have so much story that I have yet to complete, and I have barely scratched the surface of the strikes that are available to me.  For the time being however I seem to get the most enjoyment from grabbing my bounties and going to some planet to whittle them down.  There is just something relaxing about this process, and in many ways it reminds me of the way I felt about the daily hunts in Final Fantasy XIV…  that is until I no longer really needed the currency to improve my gear.  There is something calming about having a routine and right now popping into Destiny is pretty much the first thing I do each night.  In the above video I decided to record a bit of me working my way through my daily quests, and that is actually my second attempt given that I had been recording for a bit only to realize that it was not picking up my mic.  Essentially I changed the way I am recording so that I could pull my boom mic out and be able to capture audio while I am playing on the PS4 easily.  The video itself was recorded through my Elgato HD, which I have hooked to a switch so that I can record any of my consoles.   The end product just looks better than the default video recording options on the PS4.



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