Media Consumption 9/26/2015

The Second Week

There is a distinct reason why I decided to call this new feature “media” consumption rather than television or movies, namely because there are some weeks that go by that I don’t really watch much television.  For example unless having cartoon network going on in the background counts, I have not really watched any purposeful television since last Sunday.  I did however watch a lot of stuff online and listen to a lot of music, as such this week is going to be a bit of a pivot as I talk about some of those things.  As I am starting to pull out of my hibernation state a bit, I am by nature spending less time parked in front of the television.

Meg Myers – Sorry

Media Consumption 9/26/2015

It is so rare that a musician comes around that so closely matches my personal tastes as Meg Myers.  I’ve seen her described as what would happen if Trent Reznor and Tori Amos had a kid…  and honestly I feel like that is probably a fairly apt theory.  The funny thing is that when I heard this theory I had no clue about the supposed affair that the two of them had back in the 90s… but a good friend of mine is a historian in all things Trent and filled me in on the details.  In reality the music is just damned amazing.  “Sorry” is her first full length album, but there have been a few EPs floating around for awhile that are up on Google Music, and they have been in pretty regular rotation since I first found out about her.  I feel so strongly about this music that when the album was released on September 18th I purchased it…  even though I had access to it freely through my Google Music subscription.  This means a lot, because I generally don’t buy music other than video game soundtracks… because I have access to stream pretty much anything I could ever want through Google Music.  In fact this is the first album I have purchased since backing the Amanda Palmer kickstarter.  It is the first musician in a long time that I feel like I want to wholeheartedly support.

If you have never heard anything by Meg Myers I highly suggest checking out the title track “Sorry”

If you want to pick it up… [Google Play] [iTunes] [Amazon]

Star Wars Phantom Menace Review

After last week going into how disappointed I was about the prequels after watching them again recently, a good friend of mine linked me a really strange youtube review of the series that takes place over the course of seven different videos.  Now there is some disturbing comedy woven in between the bits of actual review that I don’t necessarily think is sane and rational, but most of what this person is saying about the movies themselves is exactly what I had been feeling.  If you are like me and living in this constant state of disappointment about the movies… it might be a bit cathartic to listen to someone rip them a new one.  The amount of time spent delving into just why Phantom Menace was so horrible…  is a bit obsessive but I listened to them one night while playing Destiny.  I enjoyed myself, but your mileage may vary.

Inon Zur plays Fallout 4 Theme

If you have been around me for very long, one thing you know is that I love video game soundtracks.  One that has been on regular rotation for years is the Rift soundtrack composed by Inon Zur, so I am absolutely no stranger to his work.  In the above video we have him doing a very passionate rendering of the Fallout 4 theme song.  This combines so many things that I love, because you could not be any more excited about Fallout 4 than I am.  Hell I even managed to snag one of the pip boy editions.  Fallout is one of those game series that I have been passionate about since College and each one just seems to keep getting better.  Lately we have been talking New Vegas on the Podcast because Thalen is experiencing it for the very first time.  Knowing Inon Zur is the composer for the main score even makes me more excited about what the fourth installment might bring.


Media Consumption 9/26/2015

At this point my wife and I are around eight or nine episodes into the first season.  The hope is between today and tomorrow we can catch a few more episodes while she grades.  I still need to remember to set the DVR to start recording episodes from this season, since I guess the whole Fall television thing is happening.  I know that I can get the five latest episodes through Hulu but I want to make sure not to miss an episode and have to track it down somehow through nefarious means.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate the current state of television and how damned hard it is to sort out which medium happens to be streaming which shows?  I feel like if you are a television provider and not offering your shows either through Hulu or through Netflix… then you are passively giving me permission to track your stuff down illicitly on the interwebs by not giving me a subscription based option.  Anyways hopefully we will sort out the rest of this season and be caught up soon.  This is actually a good enough show however for me to watch it on a weekly/semi-weekly basis.

Fear the Walking Dead

Media Consumption 9/26/2015

I can honestly say that right now at this moment… there is not a single character on Fear the Walking Dead that I actually like.  In fact I would be just as happy as not to see them attacked by Zombies and then replaced by a cast of characters that we have yet to even meet.  As much as I am enjoying iZombie… I am that much NOT enjoying Fear the Walking Dead.  I keep hoping and waiting to see if it gets better, but right now…  that is very much not a thing that is happening.  In fact in many ways it has gotten worse, and it is my fear that they will drag this shit out until the sixth episode before finally giving us anything interesting.  All of the characters are weak and stupid… and I cannot fathom how any of them are going to survive past the end of this season let along the series as a whole.  I guess society hasn’t fallen apart enough for folks to start reverting to primal instincts yet, but I am so ready for the heroine addict son to end up as walker fodder.  I guess what is annoying about all of this is that so many people seem to be acting like “life as normal” can continue, when we the audience know that their suburban existence is over and that staying there is essentially a death sentence.  Maybe this is precisely what Kirkman was going for… making us loathe the characters so that when they ultimately die we will enjoy it?  I would be shocked it more than one of that first family actually makes it out of this season.  Right now I am betting on the mom, she seems to be starting to go down the path of Carol.


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