On A Post Blaugust Post…Post

A bit of a secondary follow up to Blaugust now that it’s over.

One of the takeaways from this month is that I don’t think daily blogging is exactly my thing. That isn’t to say I don’t like to write, because I do find it enjoyable, I just have high expectations on myself that shorter posts don’t exactly meet. I realize though, from my own reading habits that shorter posts are probably better in the long run because people don’t have time to read an essay every day. So I had a couple of thoughts about how to improve the content that I’m presenting.

The first thing is that I’ll be writing a bit more than “whenever I feel like it”. This means sticking to a schedule, which I’m good with schedules. The problem I tend to have is finding the time to write something I find meaningful. I’m not a morning person, so getting up extra early really isn’t going to get me anything. In fact I think writing when I’m still dead tired is helping the quality of my work. So I think my best bet is to have a set time each week to write something that feels well written.

So my plan is that I will have a weekly post written and published every Saturday by 2pm CST (UTC – 6). This gives me enough time during the week to think about what to post about, and enough time that day to get up and wake up before starting to write. This may wind up being a bad posting time since most people might not be sitting around their computers on a Saturday afternoon/evening. To that I say just add this to your rss feed, or if it helps I can add on something that lets you subscribe through email.

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t post during the week, it just means that there is one guaranteed post every week. I will still write stuff routinely, but they’ll likely be shorter posts than what will publish on the weekend. I’d say there will also be the possibility of multi-part posts. I’ll just have to find a good way to segment longer posts in to one or two parts. Now with that said, if people don’t mind having a long post versus multiple posts on the same subject I’ll just stick to that.

The other thing is that I’m going to try to ensure that the weekend post is high quality reading. Not that you should expect great grammar or spelling, but that it is well researched and articulated. Solid “B” grade essay material.

The last thing is that topics might not necessarily be about gaming. I’ve decide that while this is still a gaming centric blog, it is still mine to do with as I please. That means subjects I want to talk about. While probably 90% of this will be gaming I expect that some of it will be about other things. Don’t expect anything political though, that is something I won’t blog about.

So to any new readers, I hope you stick around. To old readers, thanks for sticking with it.

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