Media Consumption 10/3/2015

Week of PS4

This week was pretty much the week of me intending to play other games… and then never quite getting off of my PS4 in time to actually do that.  As a result I spent most of my time upstairs in my office with my chair turned to the side pointing at the television that runs my consoles.  Also as a result I did not really watch any television other than last Sunday night, which means that portion of my usual media consumption was pretty scant.  However that said I did watch a bunch of really interesting things on the Internets own television station…  aka YouTube.  As a result this episode of Media Consumption is largely going to focus on things I found interesting on YouTube.

Tommy Westphall Theory

So firstly I have to give a major shout out to the PBS Idea Channel for creating videos that are almost always thought provoking or at least makes me want to discuss whatever it is they are talking about with my friends.  This week however they posted a video that quite literally blew my mind.  Tiny fireworks went off followed by lots of mental pain… as I attempted to reorient myself to accept the notion that what they were saying could be real.  They delved into this idea called the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis, where essentially over four hundred different seemingly unrelated televisions shows… all occur in the same universe.  To make things even stranger the suggestion is that this entire universe exists in the mind of one autistic boy named Tommy Westphall that appeared on Saint Elsewhere.  If this sounds interesting then by all means watch the video and prepare to make mind explodey noises.

Ahoy – Nuclear Fruit Series

The problem with the internet is that things change regularly… and there is little to no way to track down what things previously were called.  There is this great channel that is currently called Ahoy, but I cannot for the life of me remember what the original name was.  Essentially it is a channel that does these awesome videos that explore video game concepts with amazing narration and artful two dimensional graphics.  I first was made aware of the channel through the Brief History of Graphics series where they delve into computer games and explore the various eras and the graphical changes that came into play as part of them.  There is also a really great series called Iconic Arms where they delve into the ubiquitous guns that we use in shooter games, and the origins of them… usually delving into the maker and the real world conflicts they were actually used in.  Today however I am here to talk about their latest five part series called Nuclear Fruit, where they delve into our fascination with nuclear warfare and the games that were inspired by it.  As of writing this there are only four parts available but the next part should arrive this coming week if they follow the standard schedule.  If you look in this playlist the video appears to be available but just flagged to “private”.

Cool Ghosts – The Taken King: Does it Fix Destiny?

If for some reason you missed this yesterday, I am a really huge fan of this video.  It does an excellent job of highlighting the things that felt wrong with Destiny Year One and the way many of those have been improved in Year Two.  Yesterday I also went into my own reasons for why I think the game is in a much better state, but still the video is well worth watching.  Matt Lees the guy who appears in the video makes absolutely brilliant videos, the problem being they are somewhat sporadic.  My hope is that his new “Cool Ghosts” initiative where he collaborates with another friend will serve to be a fertile ground for new content.  In the mean time we can always just re-watch his crowing achievements of the PS4 and Xbox One reveals.

Fear the Walking Dead

Media Consumption 10/3/2015

There is a huge part of me that is excited for this weeks Fear the Walking Dead…  because it means this season is over and we can return to the normal Walking Dead television show.  In all fairness I have to say last weeks episode had things finally starting to get interesting.  From this point out… I am going to delve into a ton of spoilers and if you have not been watching this show you might just want to stop reading this sub section.  We found out a bunch of stuff that does not bode well for the characters.  I have a feeling that there is no way that they are getting out of tomorrows episode without at least losing one of the characters.  Essentially the crazy old man… aka Daniel Salazar… aka the only person who has the survival instincts necessary to survive the undead apocalypse…   has kidnapped the soldier that his daughter Ofelia is sweet on.  Then he proceeds to do what so many fathers have wished they could do to the guys dating their daughters…  slowly peels away his skin in a cruel torture ritual.  The thing is…  as horrible as this act is… it is quite literally the only way he was able to get him to spill the beans about operation Cobalt.  This is apparently a planned execution of all of the civilians when they abandon the Los Angeles Basin.  As we go into this weeks episode it is essentially the day these events are supposed to play out.  That said it seems like most of the soldiers who would have been involved in said plan… got nommed on in an overrun hospital.  So here we go…  things are finally going to get crazy…  because I am tired of this suburban living under armed guard phase of the show.  Let the bodies hit the floor!  It is seriously time to weed out some of the characters.

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