On Weekend Roundup

So I’m going to try something new today which is to talk about some things that I did over the weekend. Not that there is going to be any constincy to what I actually do during the weekend so topics may vary a bit. I’m kind of stealing the idea from my friend Bel who has been doing week in review style post for the last couple of weeks.

So this weekend turned in to mostly movies with a little bit of time spent playing video games. I’ll start off with the gaming since it is a bit shorter. Primarily I played Destiny because I’m trying to get my money’s worth out of it before Assassins Creed Syndicate comes out in a couple of weeks. I can’t say I really did much because I’m at that point where the only way for me to get gear is to try to do content I’m not really that interested in doing. Yesterday I attempted to do one of the follow up quests in the Taken King expansion that while a level 38 quest was labeled “Hard”. I’m pretty sure they should have labeled it impossible as I threw my face at it for over an hour. I did probably die more from falling off the side but the whole mission felt poorly designed and overly abusive. I was literally so frustrated I developed a headache and quit playing.

The other game I attempted to play was Witcher 3. I had downloaded the New Game+ addon which I wanted to start on before the expansion came out this week. The problem is that when I loaded the game up and went to start new game+ up I couldn’t find my save file where I had completed the game. I don’t remember deleting it, and I was careful not to. So I don’t know where it went. This frustrated me as well because while, yes I would have been starting over, I would have had all my gear and skills that I worked hard for. Now all that is gone and I’d have to start over from scratch just to start over again. Now, I will do this at some point but I wouldn’t be able to finish before Assassins Creed came out, and I’m very bad at multitasking games.

So the frustration from gaming is what led to my first two movie choices. Those movies being “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and the newest “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Both of which were not very good (in my opinion). Now I will say that while both were not great I did like Transformers more than the 100 minute lets hit on Megan Fox movie. At least Transformers had some amount of good acting in it. But anyways, movies.

Transformers: Age of Extinction takes places some time after the last movie and there is no signs of Shea Labeouf in it (yay). Instead we get Mark Wahlberg as a struggling inventor who comes across Optimus Prime in a rundown movie theater. Hijinks ensue and big transformers fights happen. Honestly I can be okay with the movie except the horrible one liner jokes that someone thought needed to be interjected in to the action sequences. I’m not even kidding that these were so misplaced, and bad that I literally cringed whenever a joke was made. I don’t know why I keep watching these movies because they’ve all just been really bad.

The second movie I watched was the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This movie was, well, it was an abomination. Someone should take it out back like Old Yeller. The whole movie, or at least 90% of it is one character or another hitting on Megan Fox. Not to mention almost every person in the movie really just can’t act. I did think that the plot itself was interesting and how they tied April O’Neil to the turtles was interesting. Sadly the turtles themselves embody every single thing I hate about teenagers, to the point where I was hoping they would lose. Maybe it’s just because I grew up with the original cartoon and the original cheesy movies, but the actors providing the voices were just awful. Not to mention that Megan Fox was there purely for eye candy, or at least with all the guys hitting on her that is how it appears. The worst offender is Michelangelo who literally does nothing but make comments about how hot she is and how she makes his shell feel like it is getting smaller (I’m not kidding). The other thing is that there is no clear ending to the movie. There is no indication that the bad guy was arrested. So there literally is no closure to the story. All we get is another scene of someone hitting on Megan Fox.

The last two movies I actually enjoyed. I own the 8 disc box set of all the Harry Potter movies and have been working my way through it 2 movies per week. This week was “The Order of the Phoenix” and “The Half-Blood Prince”. I enjoyed both movies, having read the books some time ago. Up till now I had not seen the movie version. I was happy with both, as unlike the previous films they didn’t feel as much of the story was ripped out. Maybe it’s just that I don’t remember the books all that well, but I felt that these were better than the previous versions. You can see the acting quality improving in them. I did get a little sad at the end of Half-Blood Prince. Partially because it’s just a sad ending, but because of losing my friend this summer anytime a character I care about dies in a movie and there is some speech about losing someone it just about makes me lose it.

So overall it was an okay weekend. I regret having watched Ninja Turtles but at least now I know for myself how truly horrible it was. I feel like I’m just about done with Destiny though because I really hate that I’ll either have to throw my face at this mission more or farm for better gear which won’t really help bad level design. I may wind up restarting Assassins Creed Unity because I do think I can beat that (just focusing on story) before Syndicate comes out.

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