Slight Progress

Titan Improves

Slight Progress

This weekend once again was mostly a Destiny weekend for me, as I worked on both my Titan and my Hunter trying to slowly inch up their gear.  On the Titan I hit a bit of a milestone, and finally pushed forward to get my light level… aka item level to 295.  The funny thing about this is it seems to be a significant number, because I have noticed that a lot of things simply feel easier now.  I spent a good bit of the weekend running the level 36 strikes, but as per Cortical’s suggestion I tried a few 20 strikes.  The strange thing about them is… in some ways they seemed more difficult.  At the very least the level 20 strikes seem to throw more cheap mobs at you, and I guess if you have really good AOE damage you can shred through them.  Ironically I died far more often in the 20s than I normally do in the 36s so I think I am going to return to doing the slightly “harder” ones.  I would rather have harder bosses and easier trash I guess.  It also seems like once I hit 295 I started getting slightly better drops.  I still have yet to see a single item over level 300, so I am not sure at all how I am going to bridge that gap.

I guess Nightfall would be the next big jump forward for me, but I have to say I am slightly gunshy.  Heroic was maddening at times, and I am guessing there are lots of mobs in Nightfall that will straight up one shot you.  It feels like to do those really well you need to know the placement of the mobs and predict every sniper or big gunner type mob to take them out quickly before they whittle down the party.  The other side effect that I am really not digging is the way that the community seems to love to glitch out content rather than complete it.  Most of the times I have been on the Restorative Mind map… something happens and the other two players disappear on me… only to end up with me getting teleported to the final boss room moments later.  So there has to be some sort of shortcut that I am just not understanding, or some glitch somewhere that lets them bypass the gates.  I guess I get the reason why Destiny “Sherpas” are a thing.

Hunter Viable

Slight Progress

The progress I am happiest with however this weekend is that of the hunter.  It seems like it was only a week or so ago that I was 285 on the Titan, and I have now reached that point on the hunter as well.  I am still largely focused on Nightstalker, but I did pick up the Bladedancer helmet this week.  I also picked up a chest engram and pulled a Crest of Alpha Lupi which works pretty well.  I am also really really loving my Zarinaea-D Auto Rifle, that I got the first week Armsday orders were available to me.  I’ve had a couple of these now but the one my hunter uses seems to be the best so far.  I am running a combination of Partial Refunds, Rodeo, and High Calibur rounds on it… and it is a beast at taking down mobs in general.  I also really really like the LD Watchdog sights on it.  I’ve heard the Suros legendary auto rifle is the one to get,but so far I have had little to no luck pulling that one.  I did manage to get a Villainy pulse rifle from Future War Cult faction package, but I have yet to really put it through the paces.

At some point this week I guess I am going to work on my Warlock.  At this point I am only level 8 on him, and I don’t have a cheaty item that will zoom me to 25 this time.  The early game is really somewhat bland… and while I have weapons for 20ish in my vault… I don’t have much stocked away to make the low levels go smoother.  The only negative about boosting the hunter is that I had made essentially no progress on my classes, and had to basically start leveling from 25 on… with nothing much to rely on other than the basic super and basic grenade.  At least on my Warlock I have a fair number of the abilities ready to go, and that at least should make things good more smoothly.  I have this overwhelming desire to have one of each at high levels, and since I went Solar sword on the Titan, and Void sword on the Hunter… I guess that means I am going to go Arc sword on the Warlock and throw sonic booms.  Largely I just like the idea of eventually being able to swap swords between them based on the need.  I wish there was such a thing as a Legendary kiosk like there is the Exotic one… because man… there are certain Legendary weapons I wish I could have on every character.



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