Fighting Nostalgia

The Afterglow

During the midst of the BlizzCon festivities I tweeted the above statement… and at the time I thought this would be a brilliant idea.  BlizzCon brings up feelings in me at least that I didn’t even realize were still there about a game I have not been actively playing for six months.  So yeah… it seemed like if they would just automagically make it so everyone can log in and play during BlizzCon and the two weeks after… they would probably re-hook a lot of players on the game or at least get them to stick around for a few months.  The problem being…  two weeks is probably long enough to make someone come to their senses.  I phrase it like that because I am going through a bout of momentary insanity myself.  Every instinct in my body tells me that I really want to play some World of Warcraft, which is odd because nothing really seemed that amazing while the presentations were going on.  There is just something about the BlizzCon buzz that is real and tangible and makes you want to sift through your past characters and revisit old haunts that you had long forgotten.

I am having these desires to log in and run Icecrown Citadel or Naxxramas… or even Ulduar.  Basically this is 100% nostalgia attacking me and making me want to go experience what I considered to be the best era of the game.  I am fighting the urge with every fiber of my being because I know as soon as Tuesday happens… I will be devoting my life to Fallout… and thinking “Warcraft who?”.  I know I could log in and play sub level 20 characters, and I have considered that… but have not been certain if that would make the desire better or just worse.  The problem is… I don’t REALLY want to play World of Warcraft… I want to play the game circa 2009 when we were still in love with the Wrath of the Lich King patch cycle.  Some of the Legion content seems like it could be really cool, and I do hope with every fiber of my being I somehow find my way into Beta, but I know all that waits for me on the live game is the same stuff that lead me to finally cancel my account again.  Yes I am rationalizing the hell out of this because I am just trying to hold out until I am safely in a Vault Wednesday.

 Closer to Sleeper

Fighting Nostalgia

The above image was me yesterday morning while I wrapped up the AggroChat podcast and made my own blog post, waiting and hoping and praying to see a Warsat drop.  Part of the time I spent trying to make Destiny Event Tracker work… which it does… but it feels like there is a paragraph of explanation text that needs to go with it that simply does not exist.  It seems like this is a timer that shows when an event MAY spawn, and some of the spawn zones are not exactly active.  For example I really do think that the Warsat simply no longer drops in Skywatch because of all of the other events that are happening there now.  I waited that timer out for a significant amount of time and never saw one.  However once I switched over to checking the Mothyard on earth, aka the location in the above image… I quickly got a Warsat and was able to move on.  Similarly quickly I was able to get both the Mars and Moon Warsat drops which were pretty much accurate according to the timers listed above.  That only left the archives mission on Venus, which I know I MUST have done at some point….  but damned if I can remember doing it at any point in the past.  Maybe there is a special version if you are on the sleeper stimulant quest chain, but I do not remember something quite like that.

I have now finished powering up the Ikelos core, and have turned it in to the Gunsmith.  In theory tomorrow with the reset he should offer me a new quest to go do a 280 light version of the Saber-2 strike.  If I can cobble together a group for that, I should be able to loot the sleeper stimulant frame, which at least based on what I am reading will turn in at the Gunsmith for my finished 290 Sleeper Stimulant heavy pulse rifle.  This will be the first of the exotic weapon quests that I have really completed… not counting the one you get from the gunsmith at rank 4.  It definitely feels less arbitrary than the exotic bounties used to in year one.  In all of the bounties I completed I only ever got the bounty for the last word.  This at least gives me a ladder that I can climb, with more importantly a starting rung of that ladder that is clear….  well clear based on using external sources.  I am not sure how the hell people figured these things out the first time… it seems like pure madness since the game doesn’t really give you much information to go on.  I guess Bungie is accounting for the fact that the internet and YouTube is pretty much ubiquitous and someone somewhere would upload a video on how to do pretty much everything you can think of.  I still at some point need to get the Cult Ghost from Paradox so I can eventually get No Time to Explain.  Since my hunter is my Future War Cult devotee, I am thinking maybe I should try for it on them because at this point they should have all of the faction needed to complete the quest.

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