On Weekend In The Wasteland (mostly)

So this weekend, aside from having to come in to work for a bit Saturday, was mostly spent playing Fallout 4. I was able to play sparingly throughout the week, but never more than a couple hours per day because, you know, being an adult and the whole “you have to go to work” thing. I mean honestly, who needs to pay bills? So yeah, this weekend I was able to start wandering around a bit more and completing side quests.

I will say this about the game, it can be kind of hard to get in to if you’re not familiar with the mechanics. The stat system is not very well defined early on in the game and some builds (or at least mine) feel week early in the game. I went for what is supposed to be a stealth build, but it isn’t really working out for me so far. I probably should have investing points in to actual stealth before sneak attack bonuses, but it’s too late in the game to start over. My build started with a focus on perception and agility, and points scattered through the rest. The biggest problem I’ve run in to however is constantly running out of ammo. This has gotten a bit better the further I get but just barely, and I had to invest in the perk for finding more ammo to get that.

I don’t want to get to much in to the story, because spoilers. I have found the story interesting, but so far I am just wandering around doing everything I can to gain levels and hopefully better gear. Whether or not this means I out level the story content I don’t know. So far I have not felt like I have, but then I could be but just so terrible at the game that it still feels hard. I’ve had several people tell me that playing on Normal is to easy and they want to bump it up to Hard, where I think Normal is a bit brutal. I’m looking at you Mr. Super Mutant with a rocket launcher that killed me a dozen times last night. I’m not bitter, I swear.

The other thing is that I’ve started to see outcomes of certain decisions I’ve made, even in non-main story things. Warning, while this isn’t main story it is going to be a side quest spoiler.

Earlier in the week I had made my way to Diamond City as part of the main story, wandering around this weekend I came across a bar that caters to the high-society types (the box seat holders) who generally look down on the other residents as “the poors”. So upon entering the bar for the first time (at least for me, this may be a night time only event) there was a husband in there telling his wife she needed to come home. It is implied that she is having an affair with the bartender, the husband tries to start a fight and is promptly beat up and runs off.

Some time after that while walking around the market place the husband comes up to me and says he wants me to come with him to talk to the bartender to try and convince him to stay away from his wife. So we get there, and through dialogue he ends up pulling out a gun and attacking the bartender. I promptly got out my gun and killed the husband. At this point the bartender starts talking to me about a plan he has to get out of town. I managed to get him to give me all the details saying I would help, and as soon as the dialogue completed I killed him. I then proceeded to go to the meet up and kill all the people there, then convincing the leader to give me some information promising to let her live. Which obviously I didn’t.

Later on I go back to the city and the guys wife (the cheater) came up to me looking for her husband because he was missing. I promptly told her I had no idea where he was and let her wander off forever not knowing the truth. A bit later on the bartenders daughter came looking for him because she hadn’t heard from him in a while. I told her he was dead, but not that I killed him. She thanked me and left.

So that just made me think of how all the little decisions have some small impact on the game. Any other game you would have killed those two guys and that would have been the end of it. They might have even respawned and continued on like nothing happened. But here they are just gone, and who knows whether or not there were more quests for them.

So yeah, I’ve really enjoyed the game so far.

Except the dog, the dog is stupid.

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