Donuts and Cards

Snowman Donuts

Donuts and Cards

Every single year my wife and I say to ourselves…  that this will be the year that we are not rushing around last minute to finish things up.  However every year… Thanksgiving happens and it feels like we have so much time left until Christmas…  because as a kid Thanksgiving to Christmas seemed like an eternity.  In the adult world however, Thanksgiving is an early warning sign that you better get your shit together because the Christmapocalypse is coming soon.  Every year we struggle to figure out what we are going to do, and then end up rushing around when inspiration hits us.  Last night that meant an 11pm trip to Walmart to pick up the last few things, because we had been avoiding that store like the plague since before Thanksgiving.  While there we opted to pick up something for breakfast, and this is when the most adorable donuts ever come into play.  I absolutely ate a Christmas Tree and a Snowman this morning… and they were shockingly tasty.  I guess if you put enough frosting on anything it becomes good right?

In theory once I wrap up this blog post I will have to sort out how exactly I am wrapping things, because this evening begins our Christmas festivities.  This year is going to be a strange one, because up until this week we had planned on going to the house formerly known as Grandma and Grandpas, and having dinner and presents with my father’s side of the family on Christmas Eve.  However due to medical difficulties that fell through, and instead my parents and coming here… where we are going to go out for dinner and then come back and have presents and such.  This has been a stressful year as a whole, so as many low key gatherings as we can get away with… the happier I will end up being.  The only bittersweet part of it is that we simply don’t have that many gatherings to go to period.  My mother’s side of the family pretty much evaporated when my grandmother passed away.  On my wife’s side we technically had Christmas with her dad before Thanksgiving so he could go down south for the winter, and her Mom hasn’t really had a bit formal Christmas gathering in years.  There are celebrations we could go to, but they are their own kind of stress due to the large number of people.  So instead… we are mostly going to hang out close to home and do largely relaxing things.

Awesome Cards

Donuts and Cards

I’ve never really received many cards, or at least not ones that were really special.  There was the year I alpha tested Guild Wars 2, and got a really cool Santa Charr card signed by the team.  I have that stuffed away somewhere, but this year… I got some that are even more special.  I snapped a photo of them so you folks could see them.  To the left you have a bear with sunglasses print that my cousin’s wife made.  Now this is a literal print, not something mass produced… you can feel the ridges of the woodcut… or in this case my working theory is battleship linoleum.  To the right is a really cool custom Christmas card featuring the artwork of the ever amazing Ammosart.  She asked me for my address a few weeks back, but it didn’t dawn on me at the time why she was asking for it.  When I got the card in the mail I was shocked, and super happy to have received it.  Honestly I am lucky to have the friends that I do, because they greatly improve my mental state on a daily basis.

I’ve commented several times lately about just how awesome my social networks are, and I guess over the years I have curated them to the point where 99.9% of the time they make me happy.  It’s not that I am purposefully trying to shut out the bad of the world… I hear plenty of that on NPR during my drives in the car.  I just feel like social media as a whole is “my time” and for “my enjoyment”.  The world is depressing enough without feeling the need to wallow in the bad parts while sitting at home on your sofa wrapped up in a warm blanket.  I still have some pretty horrific bouts of depression…  but I can only imagine how much worse it would be if I was not trying to focus on the good things in my life.  Before I know it, this much needed break will be over and I will be rushing to catch up at work, but for the time being… I am just going to savor every moment of this relaxation that I get.

Sorting Packaging

I should wrap this post up and get downstairs to help my wife with the stuff she is fiddling with.  Currently I am locked in my office with the kitten, to help keep her out of the baked goods.  This is probably a crucial role to be played, but at some point soon I will need to venture outside.  I have to brave the crowds and go find some packaging for gifts that will be delivered tonight.  Last minute is a thing… that apparently I do well.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas day, because I doubt that many people will be taking the time to read whatever I have to say tomorrow.  So have a very Merry Christmas, and if we try really hard we will all survive it just fine!

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