Week Survived

Week Was Bullshit

Week Survived

This week was kinda hell.  It was my first week back from my extended Christmas vacation, and it feels like it was pretty much the same thing for my entire office.  Everything became a crisis, because all of those folks that had been slacking for the last quarter of the year suddenly realized that it was 2016 and all of the stuff they failed to accomplish now apparently looks bad for them.  So as a result every half formed idea and improperly started project has seemed to rise up from the graveyard to walk the earth once more.  All of this seemed to reach a head on Thursday when no less than a dozen different fires and microfires were blazing, all of which needing my attention.  Not the least of which was a false positive trojan, and a virus scare where over a hundred users decided to click on that phishing email.  As the week continued I started simply wanting to watch the world burn.

The positive is that as the week wore on I got less and less “jet lagged” for lack of a better term.  Over the Christmas break my wife and I had managed to get our scheduled completely screwed up, and there were several nights when I was finally getting to bed around 3:30 inn the morning.  Those first few days were pure hell, but Tuesday was better than Monday, and Wednesday better than Tuesday…  and thankfully by the time he hellmouth opened up and dumped Thursday on me I was actually feeling pretty great.  The other crazy thing that happened this week was the Lottery… and everyone daydreaming about what they would do if they won the lottery.  It felt like on Friday I could not go anywhere without someone striking up a conversation about the potential winnings.  While I realize that the lottery itself is a tax on those who are bad at mathematics… I managed to get myself suckered in as well and picked up a handful of tickets.  I have long played the pool at work, because I view it as insurance.  If for some reason the entire department hit the lottery… there would be a lot of tendered resignations the next day and I wanted to at least have the option to do the same.

Lots of Destiny

Week Survived

From a gaming standpoint, I mostly played Destiny on the 360 this week… trying desperately to get to level cap so I have a character to play with the friends on that platform.  Last night… I played absolutely nothing apart from some Neko Atsume.  Then again with Neko you don’t actually “play” the game but instead just look in periodically on your adorable catbutts playing with balls and shit in your yard.  Last night we had a gathering of some of our family, as before holidays we had resolved to try really hard to get together more often.  The problem with last night however is that my wife is entirely too nice of a person.  She somehow allowed one of the most bigoted anti-gay part of the family…  to join our otherwise gay positive little gathering.  The positive is that for the most part it was a pleasant night, which only serves to make me realize just how damned fucked up Facebook is.  The asshole in question has the nerve to forward all manner of anti-gay propaganda on Facebook but apparently would never say that sort of thing to someones face.  This is yet another reason why I don’t really have a Facebook, but instead just the one attached to this blog… largely for the purpose of propagating the blog out into the world.

As you could see in the first image of this post, it is fairly snowy outside so after our gathering we stopped by the grocery store last night and prepared to not really leave the house at all this weekend.  So today we are having Frito Chilli Pies for lunch, and crock pot spaghetti for dinner… all the time between snuggling into our blanket cocoons on the couch.  My wife is teaching Forensics this semester, and as a result she has a whole slew of videos that she wants to preview for augmenting certain sections of her text, like blood spatter analysis and such.  Her first year teaching we ended up testing a bunch of different fake blood formulas because blood spatter is the sort of thing that only really makes sense with visual demonstrations.  As far as myself today, I will probably be playing some more World of Warcraft, and I have even contemplated patching up Wildstar to try and get in on the world boss hunt thing that is going on.  I am still finding my thoughts of Final Fantasy XIV pretty lackluster right now, but I know there is a world event that I should probably pop in do.  Though admittedly I find the monkey samurai helmets creepy as hell… and no where near as adorable as the bunny samurai hat I wear all the time… or the ramurai hat from last year.

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