Golden Tickets

Ultimate Movie Edition

It seems that last night while I was in my own little world of coughing and clicking the mouse button aimlessly…  some more information came out about a promotion that will be landing along with the Warcraft movie.  Over on reddit there is a thread with a screenshot taken from a supposed survey that was being passed around.  Basically this is them giving away a free copy of the game, because now when you buy the base game you get through Mists of Pandaria for free.  In theory once they release Legion it has been their standard to give everyone playing the game everything but the latest expansion, which is also the method that SOE chose to end up with on Everquest and Everquest II.  So I guess the only real question is…  will this work?  There are most certainly going to be former players of the game that go to the theaters and see this movie out of a sense of fond nostalgia.  Even if I was not currently playing Warcraft, I would be going to see it because it is a world I have deeply cared about.  This would be the case for pretty much any other world I have loved in the past… and no matter how much of a debacle the Dresden television series was…  if they made a movie I would be there on opening night.

So for former players this is basically a ticket to play the game for free for a month, and I have a feeling that pretty much every single one of them will at least poke their head in for a few days.  Nostalgia is a very strong motivator, and is absolutely the reason why I keep ending up subscribed to this game.  Now for the folks that are going to the theaters because they like big fantasy action movies…  I think that is a potentially bigger prospect for new players.  World of Warcraft has always had this ability to convert non-gamers into WoW players, in a way that no other game than Pokemon has seemed to be able to do.  This movie, if it ends up like I think it will… seems like it is going to be the perfect primer course in the “history of the world” and give watchers enough of a taste for the setting that they might just check it out further.  It does not hurt at all that some of the movie stars like Robert Kazinksky are being extremely public about their own experiences with the game and painting it in a very positive light.  This feels very much like… “you watched the movie, now you can go home and live in the world”.  I think it is going to work better than they might have even imagined, because the barriers between gamer and non-gamer keep slowly breaking down.  It is not a far stretch for someone who is already playing Candy Crush, to go home and play Warcraft instead.  After all the only way this genre is going to grow… is by converting a brand new generation of players.

Second Seasonal

Golden Tickets

I have to admit that my spigot of post ideas has pretty much been closed down to a trickle.  It is really hard to think when you go into a coughing fit and would swear that you just felt your brain rattling.  In this state I am just not doing much gaming other than logging in each night and playing the garrison game, and ending up over in Diablo 3.  The simple fact that it is pretty lightweight on interaction, other than your mouse hand makes it something I can stand to do.  Yesterday I had managed to get to within four levels of 70 when I finally caved and pestered my friend Rae for a boost.  We ran around doing Torment VI for a bit, because I believe that was the highest that a sub 70 could go do.  I managed to ding 70 in very short order, but when I sat down to craft something…. I realized I was almost completely out of the white parts.  So I am guessing I will roll something new again if for no reason other than to run around and collect white weapons to turn into parts.

The next goal is to do the steps required to unlock the armor set, and then try and sort out exactly what I want for a spec to go with it.  The irony is this is actually my first monk to hit 70, which reminds me that at some point I should really push up my non-seasonal monk so I at least feel like less of a slacker.  I am sitting in this place where pretty much every game I think of playing leaves me uninspired.  I am not entirely sure what can pull me out of this rut, or if it is simply a side effect of being sick.  We have a clinic at work that employees can go to for free, and I went down there and got checked out.  Turns out this “pox” is simply a virus, and there isn’t much that they can do rather than simply let it run its course.  In theory over the weekend I should start to feel significantly better, and I am pretty much assuming that whatever the maximum recovery time will be the case for me.  I have a largely broken immune system, and not only do I seem to catch everything… but I seem to get over them extremely slowly.  My plan is to chill out, and get lots of rest this weekend, and hopefully by Monday I am a new person.  My biggest concern right now is whether or not I will actually have a voice come Saturday when we record AggroChat.


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