Maybe I Don’t Hate Elves?

The Thalmor

Maybe I Don’t Hate Elves?

Today I am feeling a bit more stable, and as a result going to attempt work.  I think I could probably use another day of rest, but in truth… yesterday I rescheduled meetings for today… and I don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to go in and reschedule them again.  My throat is still insanely sore from all of the coughing, and my eyes were matted shut this morning…  but in truth other than these things I am doing considerably better.  My eyes are actually clear again instead of the red irritated mess that they have been recently.  I also noticed that during the day yesterday apart from a bit of a nap… I actually felt like playing games again.  During most of the weekend… I honestly spent more time staring at the screen than I actually did doing anything.  I continued my journey into the Aldmeri Dominion campaign on my now Veteran Rank 2 character….  roughly half of the way to rank 3.  Throughout the course of the day I managed to work my way around the map unlocking pretty much everything but the handful of Dolmen like the one pictured above.  The problem with playing during what is normally work hours… is that there simply aren’t that many people around able to help you out.  While I can struggle through most world boss encounters thanks to the hax of Green Dragon Blood.  I have heard that it has technically been nerfed several times… but it is still enough of a self heal that I can struggle through most fights on my own.

The harsh realization I had while playing Aldmeri content is that maybe I don’t actually hate the High Elves or Aldmer as much as I though I did?  In past games I honestly went out of my way to kill the High Evles when I saw them… but I am coming to realize that these were the Thalmor, and not necessarily representative of the High Elves as a whole.  So pretty much all I was seeing was this extremist wing of the elves, that are just as horrible to their own people as they are to anyone else.  I mean I have always liked the Bosmer and their Green Pact…  I mean who doesn’t think Cannibal elves are awesome?  Then there are the Khajiit, and you have to be a horrible ass to not like them.  It is awesome seeing them in a light that is not as constant comic relief, even though they are absolutely right up there with the Argonians for most oppressed race of Tamriel.  So while I expected to like the occasional merchant and small folk in this campaign… I did not expect to really like the leaders.  The Canonreeves and Battlereeves have for the most part been awesome…. as has Queen Aywren herself.  I am actually enjoying helping them turn the tide in the battle against the Maormer and the Veiled Heritance.

Epic Battles

Maybe I Don’t Hate Elves?

Hands down the best part of the zone was the final fight for Firsthold.  During this sequence you have to actually breach a number of Oblivion gates, as you push into the Refuge of Dread and try and sever the ties of Mehrunes Dagon to our plane.  The irony is… were it any OTHER Elder Scrolls game… I would probably be completing the quests to HELP out Mehrunes Dagon because I would almost certainly be rewarded with a spiffy weapon.  Sadly I took zero screenshots while in the Refuge of Dread, so instead you are getting a random dungeon screenshot.  That is just how enthralled I was by that sequence of quests, that I kept wanting to move the story forward and get to the final culmination of the zone…. which itself was an equally epic battle.  What makes it even cooler is that immediately following the conclusion of Auridon… we are thrust into yet another epic sequence as we try and win back the town of Haven in Grahtwood from the Jackdaw Pirates who have taken it over.  I know it is going to shock Tam that I am saying that I actually kinda like the High Elves…  but I have to admit it.  Sure I like working for the Khajiit or Bosmer slightly better…. but the sad part is that we apparently only get to see the assholes in the form of the Thalmor when we are outside of the Summerset Isles.

All of this said… I still feel a much greater pull to the Daggerfall or Ebonheart Pact.  I do have to say I really am enjoying questing through the Aldmeri areas however, in part because this was the last content to go into the game… and also the content I spent the least amount of time playing.  I feel though that once I finish leveling through it… enough time might have passed for me to be able to enjoy the Ebonheart areas again.  Largely it is just the Stonefalls area that tends to drag on… and if I can ever make it through that area I will be perfectly fine because then I am mostly into undiscovered territory again.  I have to admit I am having a lot of fun, but I am mostly playing as a solo player.  If you too are playing ESO on the PC, feel free to throw a friend invite to @Belghast my root account.  It would be nice to at least have some folks to chat back and forth with while I am playing.  Since I still don’t have much of a voice, and it is actually somewhat painful to talk… I am avoiding voice chat like the plague.  Otherwise I would be sitting on our teamspeak server, and at least listening to the others as they are playing Warframe.  At some point soon I need to poke my head back into that game, but the mood just hasn’t hit me.  I also similarly need to play some more Destiny, but I have been spending most of my time downstairs on the couch and not near the PS4.  I have to say… it feels pretty good to have things to talk about… other than just how horrible it is to be sick.


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