Missing Adventure

Running its Course

I am sure at this point that you my wonderful readers are getting sick of reading about the adventures of Sick Bel.  I promise I am also getting tired of writing about them, because at this point I keep thinking that surely today is going to be that magically day where I start to feel amazingly better.  Pretty much the longest a virus will run is seven days, and at this point I started coming down with it last Sunday…. which would in theory make today the day things just start to improve drastically.  I am still fairly miserable, and last night I had another night of constantly interrupted sleep.  Around 7pm I went to bed, after taking some evening meds that knocked me out.  From there I ended up sleeping pretty solidly until around 11pm.  Well my wife woke me up twice about the stupid printer upstairs, but those little blips really didn’t effect my overall sleep.  After 11pm I wound up waking up every hour on the hour to adjust or get a drink.  So in theory I got more sleep than I am used to, but it was super fitful.

This morning I got ready like I was going to work, however I could quickly tell that it just was not going to happen.  I didn’t have a lot on my schedule today, so I felt like it would be better served to spend the day chilling out and napping as much as I could, with the hope that come tonight I will start to just be doing better all around.  I am taking what feels like a smorgasbord of over the counter meds to try and help with the symptoms.  The first line of defense is Mucinex Fast Max, followed up with an antihistamine, and huge doses of vitamin C.  This morning I am just worn out… but something already feels slightly different.  So here is hoping that by tonight I will be able to get a normal nights sleep.  The problem has been that honestly no position seemed comfortable at all, so I just ended up alternating through the bad choices.

Lapse in Gaming

Missing Adventure

You can always tell how sick I am based on how well I can game.  That is always my happy place, and the activity I retreat to when I need to recuperate.  The problem is that yesterday and quite honestly the last several days….  I spent a lot of time booting games up but not really playing them much.  I mean I got this or that quest done in Elder Scrolls Online, or would pop into Diablo 3 and do a Greater Rift…. but each of those activities would wear me out to the point where I just needed to log out for awhile and do nothing.  So over the last few days I have spent an inordinate amount of time staring blankly at my laptop, and television at the same time…. not really paying full attention to either.  When in this state…. I really am not functional at all.  Which kinda sucks for the whole, writing a daily gaming blog thing.  I am hoping that today or tomorrow I will start to get back to normal so I can once again have adventures worth writing about.  Thanks to all of you for bearing with me while going through this mess.


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