On The Hitman Beta

On The Hitman Beta

This weekend was the “beta” for the new Hitman game that is coming out early in March. Anyone who had pre-ordered the full version of the game had access to the beta. The thing about it is that the game seemed pretty polished, which is why I used quotes on the first use of beta. I think that this was really a test of the online system to see how their servers handled it.

On The Hitman Beta
This game was gorgeous

The beta itself consisted of two training levels that I think are going to be the first two missions in the full game. Both taking place 20 years before any of the other games in the series and establishes how Agent 47 joins the ICA (International Contract Agency). The first time that you play through either of the missions they are fairly guided, in that the game tells you how to get through the level using specific mechanics. Once you finish the level the first time you can go back through it multiple times to complete certain challenges, such as killing the target in specific ways, using specific costumes, or the most challenging one “Silent Assassin, Suit Only”. The last one being you have to get through the level without using any disguises and get away without getting caught. Depending on the level design this can be challenging.

The second level that you play through is a mock up military installation, so as soon as you enter the area you are considered trespassing. So the usual tactic is to knock out/kill a guard and take their outfit so you can walk around. That doesn’t mean certain npc’s won’t spot you, but it is easier than walking around without the outfit. After some exploring I figured out how to make it through the level this way and completed the challenges.

Now that leads to my one issue so far. I was done with both levels, and all challenges within a handful of hours split over the weekend. My hope is that the non-training levels are a bit more challenging. Or at least have more individual challenges for replaying levels. If this is like Absolution was there will be user created contracts for each level to help extend the life of the game, but since this was just a beta/demo I won’t hold it against it for being short. Right now, and for the next month at least, I have plenty of things to play, so if these levels do wind up being short I’ll still have other things to fill the time.

I think the first part of this game comes out in 3 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes when it comes out.


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