Light Improving

Catching Up

Light Improving

One of my favorite things about the April patch is that I finally feel like I am catching up to all of the folks who have been playing since the dawn of time.  More important than that… I feel like I have a clear path to be able to reach 335.  There are things within my control that I can do solo that will allow me to slowly but certainly make progress.  Namely one of the big ones right now is faction packages.  Many of the factions have the code that make sure an item that comes from that package is better than your current light level.  So this means I am constantly getting upgrades that I can either use as is, or infuse into my existing item from doing Vanguard and the three Tower faction missions.  This also means that those daily bounties are more important than they have ever been, and the same goes with the crucible bounties whenever I am feeling my Wheaties and decide to do some serious pvp.  More importantly than any of this… I feel in control of my own “Destiny”…  pun intended.

Much of my early frustration with this game is it felt like there were missing rungs on the ladder that I had to have someone show me where I should be climbing.  Now I feel like there are objectives that I completely understand that I can be knocking out regularly to better myself.  At this point as the above image shows I have managed to take my Titan to 321, Hunter to 310 and as of last night Warlock to 302.  The Warlock and Hunter will likely always be second stringers for me, but I do want to spend more time pushing them up.  Namely I would really like to unlock all of the stuff on all three sub classes but that simply requires a lot of play.  As for now I am still very much enjoying the process of infusing up old weapons and dusting them off to enjoy them once more.  I have a lot of really great weapons, that were just lacking light level to be used on a regular basis.  At some point however I am going to have to reconcile a bunch of the stuff and figure out which versions of which weapons I intend to keep permanently.  For example I have six different Havoc Pidgeons sitting in the bank and five different 1000 Yard Stares…  as well as a large assortment of Zarinaea-D.  I don’t really need ALL of them…  just keep the best rolls and swap weapons as needed via the web site or mobile apps.

Pipe Dream

Every so often I come up with an idea that while I lack the technical know how to actually build it… I know it is functionally possible.  Within the server services world.. there is a marvel of modern science referred to collectively as the IP KVM or remote keyboard/video/mouse switch.  While remote desktop is a thing that works great most of the time… there are times when you need to literally lay hands on a box because something has hung on boot up.  This is where the IP KVM steps into play, because it emulates sitting physically at the keyboard from quite literally anywhere on the network that can reach it.  The other awesome thing about them is that generally speaking they are almost as good as sitting on the box with many of them getting to the point where you can hardly tell the difference.  What I want is for some budding entrepreneur or kickstarter campaign to come up with this technology… but for consoles.  Sure PS4 Remote Play is cool, but I also want to be able to play remotely from my PS3… or even say older analog systems.  The idea would be a rack mounted type system so in theory you could dump all of your consoles in the equivalent of a server room.  Instead of harddrive arrays you could build special four unit high rack cases that allowed you to plug in a whole slew of console games and have them selectable remotely.

The other idea would be that each console had custom hookups and the hardware KVM device would allow you to configure emulation of the devices.  So you could remake your Nintendo controller to be fully functional from something like a PC connected Xbox 360 controller.  Now there are oddities like the Wii/Wii U that would be difficult to emulate but in theory most controllers work just fine for other controllers.  For years I’ve loved this idea of having all of the games I want to play “on tap” and thanks to both the Twisted and official PS4 Remote Play app I am using the hell out of this functionality.  It is cool as hell to be able to sit downstairs on the sofa with my laptop and have full access to all of my PS4 games, and be able to play them with minimal latency.  I just wish this same concept worked with everything.   It feels like this is the sort of thing that would be doable, just no one has tried to make it work.  Even if you started with only consoles that supported USB controls and HDMI output… that would give you a decent base unit that could then maybe be expanded with retro modules that daisy chained onto the base unit.  So here you go… I give this idea freely to the world… just someone make it happen because I want to throw money at you.


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