So Much Cheese Pizza

April Fools On Me

So Much Cheese PizzaYesterday morning began with a really interesting turn of events.  I got up, got dressed, went out to get breakfast… and as is often the case when I finally got set down I opened email to see if there was anything important for me to deal with.  In my inbox was an order receipt from Domino’s Pizza… which at first in my sleepy state didn’t seem all of that odd.  Then it dawned on me… that it has been weeks since we last ordered anything from Domino’s so I opened it to figure out what was going on.  Much to my shock… it was a very real looking order statement for some $600 worth of stuff… ordered at 1:30 in the morning and to be delivered to my address at 11 am Saturday.  The list goes something like this…

  • 25 Large Hand Tossed Cheese Pizzas
  • 13 2-Liters of Coke
  • 3 Stuffed Cheesy Bread with Bacon and Jalapeno
  • 25 Side Marinara Dipping Cups
  • 6 Side Garlic Dipping Cups
  • 6 Side Ranch Dipping Cups
  • 25 Side Blue Cheese Dipping Cups
  • 25 Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes
  • 25 Side Icing Dipping Cups
  • 1 Sweet BBQ Bacon Specialty Chicken

It seemed like someone had gotten into my account on and placed an order, using an old credit card that was on file there that expired sometime in 2015.  At 8 in the morning on a Saturday neither the local Domino’s or the corporate Call Center were open, so I instead called my credit card company who assured me that they denied the order.  So for a little bit I went on about my business yesterday morning with the intention of calling the local office around 10:30 when they opened to make sure they realized it was a fraudulent order.  I had been in the backyard spraying weed killer for a bit, when I went back inside and realized I had a few missed calls.  Apparently the manager of the location had physically come by the house to verify that the order was legit before processing it.  His workers however apparently thought nothing of it, and were just about to start in making the pizzas.  I mean who orders 25 cheese pizzas?  I am not sure if this was a targeted attack on me in particular, or if this was just some sort of scripted attack, whatever the case it made for an interesting morning… and a very interesting story.

Day of Chores

So Much Cheese Pizza

Yesterday as a whole was a day filled with doing stuff around the house.  I got to play exactly one match of Iron Banner yesterday before shutting back down to run some errands.  It was largely a day for doing a bunch of stuff that had been needing to be done for a bit.  One of the major goals of the day was to get the new wireless multi-function printer hooked up, and working with all of our devices.  Other than taking a bit to install drivers on each machine this actually went pretty smoothly.  There is some strangeness with Google Cloud Printing, in that the printer must be owned by one google account, and then shared to other Google accounts.  But I have to credit my wife with figuring that bit out.  It is kinda cool being able to print from a chromebook finally, or print from chrome itself anywhere and have it come out on the printer at home.  I could see that useful sometimes, especially for printing order receipts.  The next mission was to try and figure out why our high volume printer just stopped working last week.  When I went to investigate whether the Parallel to USB cable was still hooked in tightly… the entire thing fell apart in my hand.  Not sure what happened but it seems like I simply need a new one of those.

As far as today my goal is to play some more Iron Banner because I really want to be able to hit rank 5 and maybe see some of the weapons as drops.  I am not sure that any of the rolls available on Lord Saladin are really worth purchasing, but in theory if I got some better perks it would be well worth my time.  I still need to get several heavy kills to complete the weekly bounties.  I am holding onto all of the brown bounties because I have been told that they greatly increase in value as the event comes to a close.  We have the usual laundry and cleaning to do, but my hope is that unlike yesterday…  today can be largely a day of gaming and chilling out.  Yesterday was a really strange day, but other than the pizza thing a good one.  I was super excited that for the most part AggroChat went off without a hitch.  We recorded a fairly long show about a bunch of interesting things, and there was zero occurrence of chipmunk Belghast.

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