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Challenging Elders

Stolen Will

Over the last few weeks my friends Squirrel, Jex and myself have started what is turning out to be a little bit of a tradition.  Generally by the time Thursday night rolls around we have done Challenge of Elders on our mains, and since there is traditionally nothing going on Thursday night on the Axioma raid calendar we’ve opted to make it a sort of “Alt Challenge” night.  In the first week we managed to get two sets of alts nearly complete with the challenge.  This week however I had not actually run Challenge on Tuesday as is usually the case, and as a result I ended up running my Titan main with Squirrel and Jex alts.  That said we did extremely well and managed to get the requisite 90,000 cumulative score in only two matches.  The one thing I am certain of however is that I am sick of the melee objectives.  Last week the Challenge was Melee Bonus damage with Super bonus score, and this week it was Bonus Damage from Airborne kills and Bonus Score from Melee.  So basically for the last two weeks of Challenge of Elders we have been running around and punching mobs until they are dead.  Essentially it is time for something else, and I could definitely go for a modifier like secondary kills or something like that, but also have an increased ammo drop rate.  I could also go for another precision kill week with small arms, because it would allow me to farm all of the exotic weapons that I wish I had farmed the first time around.

Stolen Will Stolen Will Stolen Will Stolen Will Stolen Will Stolen Will

After doing a round of Challenge of Elders, instead of starting another set of alts we opted to do the Nightfall which Bungie had the grace to give players something they had been wanting anyways.  For weeks since the launch of the April patch players have been figuring out ways to somehow farm the Taken variants of the Winter’s Run strike.  The reason is that this is the only place that will drop the Stolen Will “Taken” appearance shotgun.  Even folks in my own clan have sorted out all sorts of methods to try and dictate that you are getting this strike versus some other strike.  This is also what is causing the Heroic Strike playlist to be pure shit, given that very rarely is someone actually going to run a strike to completion that isn’t Winter’s Run.  By setting this up as the weekly Nightfall it is allowing all of the folks who are desperately farming for the shotgun to get it out of their system.  Sadly of the three of us… the one who seemed to want it the most was Jex…  however Squirrel and I both walked away with one.  Mine has usable stats so I am definitely keeping it… I think for Squirrel his is already infused into his 1000 Yard Stare.  As far as the loot haul for the evening… I got a 335 Lethe Noblesse that I have already infused into my Hakkon’s Hatchet because one… I don’t really like Scout Rifles and two…  the roll on the one I got was pretty crappy.  I ended up getting a 335 Cruirass of the Witness that is more than likely also going to serve as infusion fuel.  As far as the exciting bits… I picked up the 335 Stolen Will, 335 Exotic Lord of Wolves Shotgun, somewhere along the way a 335 Zhalo Supercell that will probably be infusion fodder…  and finally a modern light level version of the Helm of Saint-14 also at 335.  It was a really great night in both the hanging out and doing various stuff… and the walking away with lots of shiny baubles department.  At this point I just need a Titans Mark and a Titan Artifact to push me over the barrier and hit 335 light cap.

Agent Carter

Stolen Will

I just wanted to write a quick blurb about this to finish off this mornings post.  Yesterday afternoon it was officially announced that the ABC series Agent Carter had been cancelled and would not be brought back for Season 3.  This of course is causing a lot of frustration among the general geekdom community that I am plugged into.  I personally think it is a show because the bit of it I have watched… it was really good.  The problem with that statement however is the “bit of it I have watched”.  I am part of the problem.  This show is absolutely in my wheelhouse, but I am not watching it… because I am not watching Television.  I do however watch a lot of Television through streaming, and as a result I am completely not used to the concept of watching something on a specific schedule anymore.  As a result I am woefully behind in so many shows because I ultimately wait for them to show up on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime.  I feel like Agent Carter is a victim of a disconnect between how Televisions really want us to watch, and how people are actually watching.  What I mean by that is that Agent Carter the only place I could find to stream Agent Carter was on Amazon… and by that I mean purchase each episode for $2.99 and that is not going to happen.  Hulu offered the show but in their ultra shitty 5 episode window, which means that if I for some reason get behind in a show… as was the case with this one… I can never actually catch up because those first episodes are gone to the sands of time.

So the truth is this is absolutely a show I would have watched, had they simply put it in the format I consume broadcast media.  The problem is much like was the case with the music industry…  Television is desperately clawing, kicking and screaming… trying to hold onto the power base that they built over the decades.  Shows like Agent Carter that resonate with the generation that has already moved past the “TV Guide” era are unfortunately going to be the casualty until they sort out how to make this function.  I feel some guilt here, because if folks like me were watching then maybe it would be getting that third season.  However I am just not willing to watch television on someone else’s schedule, and even the DVR concept seems foreign to me these days.  I don’t have the number of tuners to be able to record all of the shows I am vaguely interested in, and I certainly don’t have the hard drive space on said DVR to keep them until I am ready to watch them.  I am perfectly fine with watching commercials in my stream…  just let me stream it… and from the platforms we already use.  This is not permission for yet another proprietary video network that requires a login and a bunch of hoops to jump through.  Sit down and cut a deal with Hulu or Netflix… and get over this shit.  Unfortunately if networks don’t get with the program soon they are going to continue to watch their market share slip through their fingers as a generation finds other ways to entertain themselves.




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