Survival Solved


Right now I am having a little bit getting started this morning.  I went to the cleaners yesterday, and after I got home I forgot to carry in the clothing.  As a result this morning I hurriedly got dressed enough to be seen outside, and went out to the truck to get the laundry.  When I got out there the door was slightly open, and apparently I either failed to lock the car last night… or failed to completely shut the door.  As a result someone got inside and rifled through the glove box and the center console, I can only assume looking for drugs.  They passed up a bunch of change, and didn’t touch my work id badge, or any of the few packs of magic the gathering cards that were deep down in the console.  I don’t really keep anything of value in the vehicle, so I am certainly they were sorely disappointed.  Unfortunately the whole event has left me feeling a little vulnerable, because we live in this super quiet neighborhood…  but every so often something like this happens.  We have a ton of teenagers and I am certain it was probably one of them.  I just lack the gene apparently to fully understand why something like this happens, and I am kicking myself for not having a more proper inventory of the stuff I keep in my car to be able to tell if anything is actually missing.  There is this sense of dread inside me that something was taken that I will miss… I just don’t know it yet.

It seems like another one of those blog award things is cycling through our community, because last night I was tagged by my friend Sandrian.  I was originally going to go ahead and answer the questionnaire this morning, but since it is all about positivity and blogging and all of that sort of stuff… I am maybe not in the right mindset to do it.  I will have to do it before too much longer however, or I will forget about it… much the way I forgot about the last one and then didn’t actually do it until I was tagged a second time.  These things are cute, and mean well but they also often feel like the chain letters of the blogosphere.  They are always interesting ways to get to know the people who are filling them out, but by the same token I always feel horrible for trying to obligate someone else to keep the chain letter moving forward.  While there are no dire predictions for not completing the task, in the same way as chain letters normally have… I still feel nonetheless obligated to complete the task.  In any case… it will be answered in a morning I feel a little less violated.

The Slow Spot

Survival Solved

As far as gaming and happier subjects go, I spent a good chunk of last night playing the tail end of Iron Banner.  I am not sure if they ratcheted the drops down as the week went on, but the last few days after hitting rank five on all of my characters I really didn’t see much in the way of drops.  I was hoping to get more 335 items to use as infusion fodder, but even though I played a dozen or so matches last night, the only thing I ever seemed to get was a bunch of blues, some strange coins and a single class item.  I mean I did get a bunch of drops early on, so maybe there is a cap on the amount of dropped gear you can get from it or something.  Either that or maybe I just had a lot of bad luck.  In any case, right now my lowest item is 330 with the bulk of my gear being between 333 and 335.  I only have boots, gloves and heavy maxed out at 335, so my hope is that with Challenge of Elders this week I will get another piece of armor to fix some of that.  The lowest piece is the 330 helm, so getting a 335 helm would go a long way to bringing up my total light level.  I am just pumped that I managed to get a set of gear that allows me to max out both intellect and discipline.  This weeks Challenge of Elders is going to be strange, in that Melee does bonus damage… but you score extra points through super kills.

Survival Solved

I had every intent of logging in last night to Overwatch and spending the entire team playing that.  However when I actually went downstairs, I wound up riding along with Kylana for some more levels and gear.  The shitty thing about the item set this time for crusaders is that it feels like I need some super specific items to make it viable.  I am sitting at four pieces of Invoker, so truth be told I might jump ship to that set if I find the last two pieces.  I did however solve my survivability issues it feels, because after doing some fiddling I was able to survive incoming damage a whole lot better.  I had fiddled with some stuff one night as an experiment and apparently never flipped back off the rune that made it so I could not dodge, but blocked more often.  That alone was apparently the thing that was completely destroying me when running any content.  Once that got turned off, I was amazed at just how well things went.  I managed to solo a level 30 greater rift, but my damage dealing capabilities are still too low for me to really be able to do that comfortably.  I do however need to spend a bit of time doing greaters so that I can get the rest of the gems I will need, and then also spend some time pouring levels into them.  I think a lot of my lack of drive to play Overwatch is knowing that I am already “bought in”, and also knowing that there will be yet another reset before the game actually launches.  I do however want to get in and play some with Tam, so I will need to check in tonight to see what folks are doing.  It is my hope that I can get home with enough time to run Challenge of Elders in Destiny and then pop in for either Diablo 3 or Overwatch shenanigans.

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