On Free Hulu and Cord-Cutting

It’s early and I’m not sure what to talk about so here’s something I read about recently regarding the payment plan for Hulu. Since the service started up way back in 2007 they’ve had at least part of their service available for free, letting you watch television shows without having to pay for cable. I’m not sure how well the service worked back then, or how long of a delay there was from episodes airing to them showing up on Hulu, but for the time I’ve been using it that has usually been within a day or two. Personally I’ve been using the Hulu Plus subscription service for a couple years now, and I pay the extra few dollars a month to not have the advertisements. It always bothered me when I was paying for the service that there were still ads but it never really bothered me that much because I understand they still need to cover the costs of the shows, salaries and whatnot.

I know the term for people like me is “cord-cutter” because I don’t pay for a cable television service, though I do get it for free as part of my apartment rental agreement. I just don’t watch the cable I have cause it is standard definition and looks blurry on my tv. Instead I opt in to use stuff like Hulu for the broadcast shows I like and Netflix and Amazon Prime for everything else. I don’t mind paying on a per episode basis to avoid commercials. There really isn’t much that I miss about cable, other then the forensics stuff and the History Channel. Overall it works for me. I don’t want to pay $100 (US) to watch a couple shows and barely use it any other time. I’ll take that money and pay for an entire year of Hulu instead.

So back to the original point of this, the free Hulu service. I read the other day that they were doing away with the free service and moving to a strictly paid model. I’m assuming this is going to stay the same as it is, where there is two tiers of payment plans. The plan where you pay but still get ads and the plan where you pay extra and get no ads (except when they have to). Personally this doesn’t bother me because I was already paying, but I can see how if you did use the free service and for whatever reason don’t want to/can’t pay for the service this might be a bad thing. That isn’t saying the free option isn’t going away, it’s just moving. To Yahoo.

Based on this article from USA Today their free service will move over to Yahoo View allowing people to view the last few episodes of a show and will come up basically a week after they are on television. That’s still a good deal if you don’t want to pay a bit for Hulu Plus. It does sound like Hulu is trying to offer more programming, hopefully from channels it doesn’t have now, and moving to the subscription model will help them with licensing agreements.

I’m not sure when this is supposed to go in to effect, but I’m going to continue on with the Plus with no ads subscription because it works for me. I don’t watch stuff on there everyday but it’s still a better alternative then paying for something like Comcast or UVerse tv (I use UVerse internet at home).

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