On Weekend Gaming

So it’s finally Friday, which means I survived not only the first week of August but that with this post I met my “weekday” post challenge for the first week of Blaugust. So far I’m already finding it hard to come up with subjects every day, though easier on days where at least did some form of gaming the night before. Last night was not one of those night. I wouldn’t say I game as much as I have in the past, even from the same time last year. Most days I’m up by 6am getting ready for work and I get home around 7pm. So by the time I’ve eaten and finished watching YouTube it’s pretty late and I’m to tired to play. This is why I like games I can pick up for a short time and put down and not have to worry about where I was, so stuff like Hearthstone or any of the Lego games.

Yesterday just felt like the perfect storm of being to tired and exhausted to even do anything. I’m pretty sure I passed out on my couch at one point and tried to rewatch a video on my playlist that I had missed. Ended up going to bed early because I knew today was going to be the same. So, I’m glad that the weekend starts this afternoon. Though I’m not sure how much gaming I’m going to get done this weekend. I’m looking at going to the movies tomorrow, even if I have to go alone. Then I should visit family as I haven’t visited in months. I’ve got the extended cut of Batman V Superman and The Killing Joke to watch as well, so that pretty much kills Saturday depending on what I actually do.

Gaming wise I’ll probably just work on Lego Batman 3 and play some Hearthstone. The lego games have always been relaxing even if the controls are a hot mess. I think I’m about halfway through the main story for that game, and I may go back through and work on getting 100% completion after I finish the story up. At the same time I’m not sure I will because I have a TON of games to work through and No Man’s Sky comes out next week. As to No Man’s Sky, I’m not sure if there is any story to that or if it is all just explore space and name planets with the first thing that pops in to my head. I’m just hoping that launch isn’t riddled with connection problems and bugs. I’ve avoided any of the potential spoilers that have come from the guy who bought a leaked copy on ebay, so I don’t know anything other then what is in the trailers.

I’m hoping today goes by quickly and there is a small chance I may take off early because I can. Thanks to the hours I’ve been pulling down I really only need to work 4 or 5 hours today to get my 40, so anything after that is overtime.


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