Don’t Bring Frogs

So this mornings post is going to be essentially a non-post.  The last few days have been a sequence of bullshit that I have had to deal with, and as a result I am having trouble thinking of anything reasonable to write about.  Generally speaking I share my life with you all, and while some of the names are withheld to anonymize the experience the sequence of events is pretty much raw and unvarnished.  This however is one of those times when I can’t really talk about it, but suffice to say it is a bizarre time to exist in my head.  Gaming has always provided an escape for when things are getting just too real, when I can climb inside someone else for awhile and forget any madness going on.  Similarly laughter is something that helps push me out of my own brain for awhile and forget whatever is wrong for a few minutes.  This morning instead of a proper post I am just going to share some videos that I have watched too many times.


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