Hand Update

This isn’t going to be a terribly amazing blog post this morning, but I still feel like I need to put one up.  Yesterday did not involve an awful lot of gaming, though I did manage to move the needle forward a little bit on the Warrior class hall quest.  Largely I was in a holding pattern waiting for my wife to get home from work, so we could decide what we needed to do about her hand.  During the course of the day it had gotten worse.  When she went to urgent care on Wednesday night, they drew a margin around the red area.  They said that if it crossed that boundary, she really needed to get to the emergency room and get some IV delivered antibiotics.  Well during the course of the day yesterday it crossed that line…  and then the school nurse drew a new line…  and by the time she got home from work it had crossed that boundary as well in several places.  Neither one of us really like going to the doctor, but my wife specifically abhors it.  So to contemplate going to the emergency room was almost a bridge too far for her.  Thankfully we live in a smallish suburb with an ER that isn’t too heinous, but I assumed as the night went on it would get considerably more busy.

The long story short is that they did in fact hook her up to an IV and let a bag of some sort of high powered antibiotic drip into her for about thirty minutes.  As of this morning there was really no noticeable change, but they did also tell us that the redness wasn’t really the big warning sign.  If she started having shooting pain up her arm, or red streaks traveling in that direction… then it needed to be taken seriously.  The worst part of this whole thing however is now my wife not only has one hand that is partially functional but the other one is going to be bruised up more than likely from the IV and also not completely functional.  The other worst part is that by the time we got out of the hospital at 9 pm last night we were both starving, and decided that since they took a lot of blood work that we would have some red meat.  The frustration of the whole situation is knowing that what you are going for isn’t that critical, but that it is also literally the only way to get IV antibiotics.  I have no clue why urgent care places can’t do that sort of thing, because it seemed silly to actually have to go to a hospital.

In any case… by the time I got upstairs I was zoning out pretty hard and ultimately went to bed around 10:30.  I would have gone earlier but I was trying to allow Luna some snuggle time with mommy before carrying her upstairs to sequester her up in the office over night.  I hate that my wife is having to go through this, especially considering like a week and a half before I had the exact same thing happen to me… and my cat bite healed just fine.  I guess after a couple decades of having cats, it was bound to happen to one of us.  I just wish it had happened to me, because I am used to being malfunctioning.

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