Mythical Nonsense

Once again I do not have an awful lot to talk about this morning.  I’ve been having some insanely detailed dreams the last few nights.  For example this past night I was in an office building that they purposefully hid the elevator in, and I remember thinking in the dream that this is so bizarre given that most buildings essentially direct you there.  The reason why it was hidden is because each time you shifted between floors you shifted between decades in time, so as you traveled up you were going back in time.  Essentially the staircase was of the utmost prominence in the building because if you rode the elevator up, taking the stairs back down allowed you to exit the building that existed in that time.  This is one of those cases that most of my dream was consumed on the setup of this premise and then we never actually did much of anything with it because the alarm went off.  The thing is I either tend to have no memorable dreams at all… or wildly vivid ones like this one.

As far as gaming news… I spent most of my night working on either faction in Argus or catching up my Orc Deathknight.  One of the things that happened yesterday is that more or less we assembled a team of mythical madness.  At this very moment it looks like we have…

  • Protection Paladin
  • Unholy Death Knight
  • Mistwalker Monk
  • Fury Warrior
  • Frost Mage

While a little heavy on the melee that sounds like a perfectly reasonable group as far as I am concerned for pushing Mythics.  I originally had planned on playing my Orc Warrior which is my best geared character…  but then that would have lead us to have two Fury warriors.  As a result I swapped to my Death Knight to in theory provide a bit of battle rezzing if we need it.  In theory this is going to work I think… we just need to sort out a good time to actually start.  The thought is a one night a week thing and start pushing up keys as far as we can get them.  The idea is to ease into this so we don’t need a ringer, and in theory maybe get some gear along the journey.

This is honestly as close to raiding as I think I want to do for now, and I am interested to see how this process goes.


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