Too Soon

I really do not have a lot to say this morning because I did next to zero gaming last night, nor do I really have a huge back log of topics that I feel like I need to talk about.  Instead of gaming I saw Avengers Infinity War and I have plenty of words to say about that.  However I also feel like maybe it is just too damned soon to really be digging into that movie as of yet.  When there is a huge spoiler laden experience out in the wild I try really hard not to be part of ruining someone else’s experience.  I used to be one of those folks that thought so long as you were quiet during opening weekend you were perfectly fine.

Then life happened and I have turned into one of those people who so very rarely actually goes to see a film on opening weekend.  Like as it stands right now the only absolutely guaranteed movies for me are the Star Wars films.  Even then I largely feel like I am going only to insulate myself from any possibility of having the experience completely ruined.  The truth is I don’t much enjoy the theater experience because above all I don’t like having to deal with the people. I also don’t like having to deal with either paying a lot more for a ticket to get reserved seating…  or getting there a massive amount of time ahead of the film just to sit there twiddling my fingers while someone makes bad jokes and shows me advertisements.

In my perfect world I would be able to stream a film on opening night in the comfort of my own living room and much like the “millennials” supposedly killing things like diamonds…  I would love for them to kill the theater going experience.  Then again I also sorta want to just pay one licencing fee and have access to whatever I choose to consume at any given moment.  I also would love to stop having to pay the ESPN tax to get the other channels I want in a cable package… but now I am just talking nonsense and mentioning a bunch of shit that won’t actually happen.  The movie industry is predicated on the concept of a limited experience and making all of its money in a very short up front burst to fund the next project, and the theaters are the drug pushers distributing the product for them.  It will take a thermonuclear shift to dislodge that bond, but I think it is also something that is going to happen inevitably.

With Infinity War I would love to be cool and quote Morgan from Walking Dead and say “It is not gonna work out how you think”…  but it might…  I honestly don’t know.  There are a lot of theories that have circulated around, some of them are more right than others.  Additionally I think it all depends on your ability to cherry pick things from the comic book source material.  If you read comics heavily back during the early 90s you have very specific expectations as to what is going to happen.  As someone who did this thing… I went into it with a lot of thoughts on my own and while some things did in fact play out just like my expectations…  there was an awful lot that didn’t.

In the grand scheme of things it was a good film and a film that needed to happen to make this long slide to this moment make any sense at all.  I highly suggest you check it out and get to the theater before major plot points are spoiled.  What has annoyed me the most however is the flood of YouTube videos  that were up and available by Friday night…  that were so blissful to dig into the minutiae of every single bit of the film.  I realize they are trying to get that early money from people exiting the theater and feeling they need to talk about it… but can’t talk about it with anyone.  However even the titles of said videos and thumbnails are often spoilers in themselves.  I can at least go into a huddle room at work now and talk to the folks at work who have been dying to talk about the events.


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