The Battle for Lordaeron

Spoilers for this week’s WoW quest and scenario. You’ve been warned.The Battle for LordaeronWell, I enjoyed it in spite of myself. Sylvanas is back to her calculating, strategic self. The battle was suitably epic. And Jaina swoops in on a freaking flying ghost ship. Seriously, this game is trying really really hard to get me to like Jaina. Between her Warbringers cinematic and this, I almost don’t hate her. Almost.

I ran through once on my forsaken priest, and once on my dwarf monk so I could see both sides. You can clearly see how this expansion is definitely sparking some feelings among the playerbase. In both scenarios I had a complete mix of opinions. Sylvanas loyalists (hi, hello, guilty!), honorable horde, alliance in it for vengeance for Teldrassil, alliance players who were unhappy with the story in general, and faction traitors playing tourist to see both perspectives (me again) were all represented. More amazingly, people said their piece but didn’t get rude or rowdy. I actually had a nice time.

As a proud hordie, I liked the fact that even though Undercity was lost, the Alliance couldn’t claim it either. Although I do think it is silly that the undead folks don’t just move back in, blight and all. I am hoping both the forsaken and the night elves get a chance to rebuild sooner than later. I don’t want a repeat of what happened to the Vale in MoP. Both sides deserve a chance to reclaim our homes or build new ones.

Overall I’m not thrilled with this story and the direction the game is heading, but at least it has redeemed itself slightly after the mess they made last week. I am ready to go hang out with the Zandalari and forget about the faction war for a while.

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