I have to say editing this podcast was this strange time traveling experience, and it has taught me an important lesson.  Never record a podcast two and a half weeks before you intend to publish it.  During the course of the show we talk about a few things like the enigma surrounding the cancellation of project Titan.  In any case the bulk is extremely interesting as I am joined by Rowan Blaze of the I Have Touched the Sky blog and regular guest on the Beyond the Veil Secret World podcast.  At his amazing suggestion we are also joined by his awesome wife Scooter, who has been his constant companion both in and out of the games he plays.

Rowan is a deeply interesting guy, and we delve into a rambling discussion about gaming, hopes, fears and an even a Weasley house analogy.  Hopefully you will enjoy the discussion in what marks our second podcast in the Bel Folks Stuff lineage.

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